It's not at all sad that I love you guys more than my real friends. Amirite?

I love you all<3 because you're ALWAYS there, and even if I find some bitch on here there's thousands of people to back me up. So yeah. Plus I'm not judged. Actually, I'm way more popular in real life than on here. NOBODY KNOWS ME HERE. but that's okay. Love you<3

When you get dressed in the morning you sit in the corner of your room naked for 30 minutes so you can think about how a green shirt would affect your day, amirite?


Harry potter and the Half Blood Prince.

If someone were to take your picture right now, it would either be really funny, or really boring, amirite?

... I'm sitting in my room wearing a towel as a shirt and some jeans. I think it would be both funny and boring.

It's weird that today some four year olds can get a driver's license. amirite?

Yesterday my dad walked up to me and said "A friend of mine from college turned 12 today!" and it took me a while to figure out what he was talking about

Furbies look like the creatures from that Gremlin movie, amirite?

"the creatures from that Gremlins movie"? Would you perhaps be talking about Gremlins from Gremlins?

You weigh less than 200lbs. amirite?

peer pressure 5'3 and 110 pounds...

You have seen at least one Broadway musical, amirite?

Does it count if it wasn't actually on Broadway? It was traveling, but I did see Mamma Mia!

In a perfect world you would run out of shampoo and conditioner at precisely the same time, amirite?

I just ran out of shampoo, conditioner, swimmer's shampoo, and shaving cream... Same day. Its as if the stars aligned.

You flirt with your friends of the opposite sex even though you'd probably never date half of them, amirite?

Sorry guys... It gets awkward when they ask us out expecting us to say yes because we flirt, and turning them down. Probably should stop it...

Rooms are like people; they're more pleasant when they're clean, amirite?
Mobile amirite users: you were slightly shocked the first time you used amirite on a computer, since you had no idea what to expect, amirite?

I've never used amirite on a computer...

Why are there so many mirrors at a gym? I know what I look like, that's why I'm there, amirite?
@Tweetbaby14 Dude.... Exaggerations, learn about them.

Subject changer. Dude... Don't argue if you're the one with the downvotes.

You've been dared at least once in your life to eat dog food, amirite?
The conditioner always runs out first because it is fluffier and less dense than shampoo, and thus less can be packed into the bottle. Mystery solved, amirite?