We can drink many cans of foul tasting beer but will gag on food we don't like. amirite?
@Framie1 Seems as if you just don't like beer.

As a child our taste is bad, as an adult our taste is still bad but we drink to forget

The older futuristic 80s movies get, they look less like they're in the future and more like they're in the 80s. amirite?

That is because we are beyond the technology shown in the movies

It's not homo if it's for a Klondike bar, amirite?

I died laughing on this one

If we were all born deaf, the things we produce would either make less noise than it normally does or no noise at all. amirite?
The plural forms for foot and tooth are "feet" and "teeth", but "beeb" is not a word. amirite?
Skinny girl products are typically not bought by skinny girls. amirite?

... who buys them then?

During the course of our evolution there must have been the first ever fart that someone found amusing, amirite?

We should have evolved as birds

Only people your exact height see you the same way you see yourself in the mirror. amirite?

Try ducking down so you can see how you look to shorter people.

Respecting your elders only made sense in the past when people had to be smart, wise, and talented enough to survive into old age. amirite?
Respecting your elders only made sense in the past when people had to be smart, wise, and talented enough to survive into old age. amirite?
Deadpool probably isn't circumcised because of his regeneration ability, amirite?

You are goddamn right

Algebra is easy, yet most people struggle to learn it, amirite?

Algebra is a difficult concept to grasp at first, but you learn it. When I was in school first learning algebra my father couldn't even help me with it. I learned it myself. Yes after you advance to calculus and differential equations and go back and look at your old algebra test you feel it was simple but you cannot do more advanced mathematics without learning the basics in algebra. Just because it may have come faster to you personally doesn't mean it is easy to learn at first.

If ghosts really exist and can kill you, the first few seconds after they do will be really awkward for all involved. amirite?
@monsterallergies I just always think if ghosts really existed why would they spend all their time opening all your kitchen drawers...

The first 100 years or so you may find yourself having better things to squander your time on... afterwards it devolves into this, for all eternity.

If you look carefully enough through fabrics in the direction of a light source, you can literally see optical distortions that are likely excited states of gases and water vapor black holes, amirite?

I don't know if it actually happens with fabrics because I never tried, but refraction in the situation you're describing has nothing to do with gases or "water vapor black holes (?)", and also I think it's weird that you can see it with a random light source because even if it's technically possible to see it with white light, if you're not in a very dark room and using a powerful enough source of light it becomes nearly impossible to see it, this kind of experiments are usually done in dark rooms using lasers

The number of people with the same age as you is always decreasing, amirite?

Huh. Took me awhile