It would be cool if you could queue up songs on your iPod, amirite?
It's pretty crazy how some people STILL believe in evolution, amirite?

no u

also, i must agree, a selfish fuck that is omnipresent and omnipotent yet decides to let people die in famine and diseases is very believable. Specially since we have this book, with no evidence whatsoever, to tell us about it.

Doctor, dentist, physiologist, it doesn't matter, if the gender is the opposite you feel like their gonna inappropriately touch you or rape you, amirite?

or if they're gay

Space travel is too hot cause of the sun? Not a problem, go at night, amirite?

Can i see your penis?

nicely done if original

Dad makes great comfort food too, amirite?

You mean cereal?

Life would be 5 times easier if pimples/acne wouldn't exist, amirite?
Girls wish there was a Fight Club for them, amirite?
You know you live in 2010 when somebody says to you, "Hey, look at that really slutty girl," and then you have to ask which one, amirite?
@Pug so does your mom.

Sure. Go have some cakes, fatty.

God hates people who make signs about what God hates, amirite?

God loves his children unconditionally, therefore he doesn't hate.

you have 10 fish, 5 drown, and 3 come back to life. how many fish do you have? .. stop counting smart one fish cant drown. amirite?

You missed a comma and it made it completely unfunny ;

So if I'm wrong, then you're right. And if you're right, then I'm left. And if I'm left and you're right, than that guy is straight. And if that guy is straight than you're gay. So if I'm wrong than you're gay, amirite?
You don't get why people let other people call things they don't like "gay", "retarded", "lame". I mean, if anyone says "That's so black" everyone would be all over them, amirite?

I guess since gays and retards haven't had massive cuts to their populations like those of the blacks, their case isn't as sensitive.
Retards probably don't feel offended.
Nonetheless, your point is valid but this post... it's so black.