Our parents warned us against the negative effects of social media without realizing they're the ones who spread the most garbage on it. amirite?

That's definitely the case with my mom. You should see the shit she posts on Twitter. I'm extremely careful what things I say, and what info I give out online.

you are naked now, amirite?

I am actually. Under my clothes that is.

Two groups with a victim mentality butt heads. I'll make the popcorn!

It means they have no self respect.

There was no such thing as bad breath before the toothbrush was invented. amirite?

I saw a youtube video where someone said that Listerine "invented" the problem of bad breath just so they could sell their product, as if they're inventing problems that don't exist and then being "capitalist pigs", but bad breath smells disgusting. I'm glad we have oral hygiene products now.

Burger King -apparently-have introduced an unhappy meal.What would you put in an Unhappy Meal?

McDonald's already turned their happy meal into an unhappy meal. What kid wants apple slices and juice when their family goes to McDonald's?

The Trump Baby Blimp flies again. More protests in London when Trump came to town.

I wouldn't call myself the biggest fan of Trump, but unlike the UK, he's not handing his homeland over to a bunch of violent religious extremists and then treating his own people like second class citizens.

Whenever you skip a rock into water, you are robbing future generations the opportunity to do the same. You are the last person that will ever skip that rock. amirite?

So, flat rocks are a non-renewable source now?

We start breaking down in our 30s because humans weren't designed to last much longer, amirite?

I have the same theory, because up until somewhat recently, the life expectancy wasn't nearly what it is now. That's why so many people get so decrepit in older age, our bodies never evolved to live so long.

Whenever you say male-female equality or female-male equality you're putting one gender before the other. amirite?

well what else could you do? Say both at the exact same time? besides, I've only ever heard people say "gender equality".

How do people eat pizza? What crust? Cheese or pepperoni?
What toppings do you get or do you get any at all?

pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, and bell peppers. Sometimes just pepperoni. (cheese is always a given so I didn't mention it).

I'm Canadian and our own prime minister demonized oil workers. Between all the "ummm"s and "uhhh"s, he blabbered on about "toxic masculinity". If you ask me, that's like spitting in a farmer's face with food on your table.

What's the appropriate way to get rid of an American flag that is torn and ragged? Most say to burn one, but we can't burn anything in our neighborhood. Any suggestions?

Here's a website about properly disposing a worn out American flag...

I found it very informative because I was wondering about this myself.

It’s a good thing that the internet decided screamer videos weren't funny anymore before ASMR became a thing. amirite?

HOLY CRAP YES! I don't watch ASMR videos, but for those who do, that would have been horrible. I'm glad screamers in general aren't popular anymore.

A broken doll, modelled after an ugly baby, that is also a bad poet!