"The dead are always watching over you" can either sound threatening or comforting depending on the context, amirite?

I reckon that depends on how guilty you feel.

When men masterbate, they just throw away DNA. amirite?
Everyone wants variety for lunch and dinner but we're all happy to eat the same thing for breakfast, amirite?

I mean out of all the stuff we eat the same of

Chicken steak pasta tacos list can go on

Unless your not picky and will eat anything

It's all the same stuff just different varieties of sides you do etc

Breakfast is the worst of it all cuz it's only about 12 things combo'd around day by day

When men masterbate, they just throw away DNA. amirite?

If you met me you'd know this was a good thing 😃

When you donate just the right amount of blood, an erection could kill you, amirite?

Just the wrong amount of blood

Cotton candy is a snack but it has its own flavor, amirite?

So does beef jerky and string cheese.

When men masterbate, they just throw away DNA. amirite?
@bloodfarts_mccarthy As if DNA is something to conserve?

idk what if instead of making duplicate DNA, it just takes the DNA and then.. leaves. We'd essentially be deleting ourselves

People having sex seem a lot happier than people having gender. amirite?

Hi gender, im dad

Early humans probably had tails but cut them off. amirite?
Pregnant women technically have eight limbs, thus making them arachnids, amirite?
@Iamalgend What if they're carrying twins?

Guess I'm a centipede/spider hybrid now.... Still doesn't help me walk any faster!

Birth babies and take them to college for your parents. amirite?
Most services we pay for it is so we don't have to see advertisements. We pay for cable television and still have to watch the ads. amirite?
If you turn the fat From a dead loved one into a candle, they can still be the light of your life. amirite?

That sounds like the start of a horror movie

We probably use the first word ever spoken by a human multiple times a day without ever realising it is the oldest one. amirite?
School is good, the school system is bad. amirite?
@ChootEmChootEm As a teacher, I couldn't agree with you more.

Sadly I had teachers who didn't agree. And I guess many people had such teachers.