You hate it when somebody sends you a text that is a statement but they add a question mark. Ex. "I don't get it?", amirite?
All children try to do with poems is ryhme them, amirite?
If you argue that aborting a fetus is wrong because it is cutting off potential life, then by that logic, any moment when a woman isn't pregnant is wasting potential. I mean, seriously, why are you even reading this right now when you could be getting nasty? This is a matter of life and death! Amirite?

A fetus deserves more recognition than "potential". This logic sucks.

Retard means "to slow". Retard as a noun is always derogatory

It's sad that some people are enraged by the thought of a woman aborting her baby, but will readily eat meat which caused a living animal (that feels pain) to not only be killed but mistreated and abused, amirite?

why do people find it wrong to eat meat? its not like you see lions eating grass

Americans probably didn't know Norway existed until the horrible attacks yesterday. amirite?
An arranged marriage is not that bad of an idea. Believe it or not, most likely your parents know you better than you do and can match you up with the perfect person. In the USA the divorce rate is 50%, but in India, where arranged marriages are common, the divorce rate is less than 2%. Think about it, amirite?

Suicide rate is probably higher