I have a question for everyone. Do we come here to share our views, have healthy debate, a laugh? Or are we here for simple validation?

I'm here to just Janet all over everything

Someone: Where do you live? Me: Indiana. You? Someone: I am from the USA. Me thinking: What the hell did Indiana move while I was sleeping?

Indiana can't move cuz Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin are rude and wont let anyone by

Full of bondage and I'm not always on top Yes goddess ASHLEY!! I will put on the pink dress!!

the hardest question in the world

"The most powerful position is on your knees" -A sexually submissive fetishist

I'm not kidding that's what all lifestyle BDSM enthusiasts say

I shot a nail into my thumb and didn't even realize it. it literally felt like nothing.

Why does it HAVE to be the man who is the head of the family?
@StarzAbove In my marriage we are both the head of the family.

A love is best when everyone does things for the other person

being a slave is unladylike

I'm sure ny isnt gonna take too long

If a person is more attractive than you, do you find them intimidating?

no one is im perfection

Always...especially here

The most insightful thing ever posted here

Let's cut out all the bull....What is your opinion on Islam?

Simply anyone who uses a religion to oppress, make war, prevent gree speech, promote gender inequality, promote homophobia, murder, rape, get away with rape, enact revenge fantasies in real life, or look down on others is a vile individual, no matter what religion they are.

Do you think shock collars for dogs should be illegal?

Shock collars have no use outside the BDSM field

Name something that should be left as it is.

Older disneyland rides, stop changing them to cash in on things they are just getting nonsensical and look rushed.