If you could fit the entire population of the world into a village consisting of 100 people , maintaining the proportions of all the people living on Earth, that village would consist of 57 Asians 21 Europeans 14 Americans (North, Central and South) 8 Africans

That was beautiful Budwick. It's true we must see the good in this world. Everywhere I go I see good people with good hearts. I see bad people who were good people before and can be again. I have met some amazing people from all perspectives in many states of this nation (haven't hit the world yet but there's still time). We can do so much better than the world we have now. We just have to step up and recognize this. We need to have patience with people and discover why they do the things they do.

Does anyone here still believe Obama worked for Al Queda or Isis? SERIOUSLY???!!

I'm not even gonna debate people here I'm just here to laugh my ass off

When going for a walk or jog, what/who is your favorite companion?
When Baby Boomers try to get "Down wit da kiddoz"

It's like that lame old people humor like HAHAHAHA Stan from accounting is bustin a move!! or I can get down with the wicky wicky beats of today!

I live in THAT city and meh. I do see many people from out of state like terrified in a hilarious way. If you come from a farmtown and you come to NYC and get scared of every little alley way.....just go home....like really. Stop being a baby. IT increases your chance of ACTUALLY getting mugged if you act terrified and paranoid. STOP IT!

100 percent. Any opportunity one gender has the other should aslo have. For instance, If a girl wants to play football with guys and knows the consquenceses it's not up to others to nanny her

I've been asked to send naked pics so many times It's a wonder I DONT hate men

Soooo...a transgender is mostly a man wanting to be a female...not a female wanting to be a man. Amirite?

A transwoman is a MTF male to female and a TransMan is a FTM female to male. But MTFs are a lot more common. Probably cuz girls rule. Actually it's because girls can be tomboys and boys can't be girly boys without getting beat up. How many men can come to work in a dress vs. how many women can come to work in a suit?

What is a show currently running on tv that you have ABSOLUTELY no interest in?
@StarzAbove I've lost interest in Dancing With The Stars. I used to really like it, but it's the same old stuff.

The female judges annoy me. They're like the polar opposites of tomboys and not in a good way, more like the young girl who also has the coolness factor of the mom who tries to get down with the kiddos.

Is it fair to tempt?

I once met a guy who was pledged chastity, and I used to drive him INSANE I am a proud temptress harlot and slutbag ho and I'm not afraid to say it! I used to go up to this guy and open my shirt and put my hand on his shoulder and ruffle his hair and roll up my sleeves and pull/roll up my shorts

and adorable

Especially Republicans

"Real patriot" says I LOVE America....except gays, feminists, protesters, people who disagree with me, vegans, mexican immigrants, refugees, the rights of natives to keep their land, the national parks, the environment, the clean air, the aesthetic beauty, it's reporters, it's movies, minorities, transgender Americans, non-christian americans, and the entire state of California. So what do you like? "Real" Patriot answers: Vladimir Putin and the Confederacy!

Don't be a faketriot, love America for its people or leave it and move to Russia! Then you can see what state run media is and how everything is always bent to agree with you and your glorious leader Master Putin.

I have been playing guitar and writing my own music for awhile now here is one of my songs. Let me know what y'all think!

Janet likey :P