dont you hate the people who dislike your post just because theirs one or two spelling mistakes, amirite?

Fuck that.

The second letter of your name is a vowel. amirite?
"There wouldn't be humans without women." I'm pretty sure babies cum from men too, amirite?

I see what you did there hello smilie

Some poor people are a lot classier than some rich people, amirite?

And you have a poor sense of humor.

Statistics show that 1 in every 3 people are physically unattractive. So, look to your right, then to your left. If they aren't ugly, then we know what surgeon you're visiting next, amirite?

Self esteem: -1

Never buy condoms at The Dollar Tree, amirite?
China has so many people it's not even a country anymore, it's a continent. A lot of people won't want to accept this because they can't handle change but technically its true. amirite?
Never buy condoms at The Dollar Tree, amirite?
@__________ Or from needle factory...

Why would a needle factory sell condoms?

Girls: Even though you don't really agree with the idea of them, you kinda wish you were pretty enough to be a Victoria's Secret Angel, amirite?

Self esteem: -1

I hate that!

When someone says "Guess what?" you almost never actually guess, but you reply with "What?", amirite?

I always reply with "They found a cure for cancer!?" to make whatever they are going to say seem insignificant :)

Blacks enslaved white people, too. Stop pretending that slavery was a one way street. amirite?
Anamals r such elecant cretures and r so cool too play with. amirite?

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha no.

Girls and guys with acne can still be attractive, amirite?

Self esteem: +1

The worst feeling in the world would be finding out that your friend just commited suicide, then coming home and seeing 5 missed calls from them, amirite?