So black ice is more dangerous and more likely to cause us harm then white ice, what a surprise, amirite?
Two blondes were driving to disneyland and the exit sign reads: DISNEYLAND LEFT. They started crying and drove home. amirite?

1. Not in amirite format
2. not very original
3. it's not even all that funny.

and go ahead, vote this down.

It's really going to be sad when you tell your kids there use to be something called glaciers. amirite?

You know what else is sad? How you used; a semicolon so incorrectly.

If your last name was Pepper, you would do everything in your ability to become a turtle. amirite?
Getting POTD is harder than convincing your grandma you're not hungry, amirite?
@L_Stylz Where do you people find these grandparents?!?! Mine makes me some Kraft dinner and then that's it.

Find these grandparents? last time I checked you don't just find your grandparents...

There's no point in saying "no homo" because no one is going to think you're gay if you tell your friend you love them. I don't go to my little brother and say "I love you, no incest" or go to my grandfathers grave and say "I love you, no necrophilia", amirite?
@NARNIA Oh ok, I wasn't trying to call you out or anything, I just thought it was funny...

hahahah ooh I just watched this because I forgot about it and it made me laugh.. although it is kind of like this post... sorryyy haha

You are talking to someone that likes you back, but you aren't sure whether or not to progress it to a relationship, amirite?

This explains my life perfectly right now.

It's weird to keep toilet paper anywhere other than your bathroom, amirite?

Some crazy sub I had in 6th grade had some in his brief case...

It's weird how it's impolite to mention someone's weight, but it's fine to talk about their height. Your weight is more or less in your control, while you can't choose how tall you're going to be, amirite?

Me too buddy, me too. I read this and I was like "wait.. they're not the same person?" So I had t go check, and in fact they weren't

Ann, Marie, and Leigh are overused middle names for girls, amirite?
@Cuban_B Renee and Lynn, also.

Yeah my middle name is Lynn and so is my mothers and grandmothers

You hate when the microwave heats your bowl instead of your food, amirite?
@Cats Ooooo, capitols. Call the grammar police.

Do you mean capital? You do realize that you need to have correct grammar, spelling, and capitalization to ever get into a good college or job.

You hate when the microwave heats your bowl instead of your food, amirite?
@Cats okay. whatever. and why is tweedledumb taking your side?

It's Tweedledee, and because I wouldn't be on someones side who can't even spell properly or use correct grammar.

It's fun to imagine that when you're driving on a road under construction with those flashy cones at night that you're zipping around on Rainbow Road on Mario Kart, amirite?
Sometimes when typing something on the computer you type a contraction spelled out because you are too lazy to click the apostrophe. Amirite?

Unless you're really lazy, then you just use a word that sounds the same but means something completely different.
(Your name should be "'re weird. Not haha.your weird)

Girls, you wonder what happens to the women in jail while they're on their period. Do they get a monthly stack of pads and tampons? Kinda makes you wonder. amirite?

I've always wondered what female homeless people do...