About me.

My name is Umama. Hence, Umamaniqua. It's Arabic. Yes, weird. But I had to deal with it for 13 years so, I guess kinda like it.
I'm Muslim. I'm very worried about America becoming completely Islam-aphobic, everybody hating us and being racist.
Tumblr: daydreamingmywayout.tumblr.com
I have a cat named Billy, not my avatar, though. I'll do that later.
I live in Michigan. I would rather be in LA.
I think awkward moments or people are hilarious.
If I had one wish, I would wish to have my version of a perfect life. Or a British Accent. (GO ANTHONY!)
I'm a Mac.
I am a NERDFIGHTER. John Green is my favorite author of all time.
youtube.com/user/vlogbrothers Do it. You will not regret it.
But that's all I'm gonna tell you, so do yourself a favor and get to know me. :]