Do Conservatives Like the Taste of Bullshit?
@Budwick You asked - "where does the violence come from?" It comes from the paid protesters!

Odd, I didn't see any of them cold cocking anyone and I certainly didn't hear anyone telling them to punch people or offering to cover their legal fees.
Paid protesters? Really? You actually think they had to pay protesters? If they did don't you think there would be a lot more of them?
Do you think Trump's African American was paid?

What's Killing the American Dream?
@ozzyboy American government, unions and the liberal whiners are killing the good jobs in America that make the American...

illegals and refugees are not the same thing. Illegals are not eligible for govt programs.
I understand your point and agree for the most part but I think you';re focusing on the mouse in the bread box when there's a bear in the pantry.
Public assistance programs are dwarfed by corporate welfare a.k.a. military spending and tax credits.
In 2001 the Pentagon had undocumented expenses totaling 2.3 trillion dollars. They don't what happened to 2.3 trillion
Virtually all R&D is done with public funds but all profits from the technology are private. When pharma says they spent millions developing a drug they really did. It just wasn't out of their pocket.
Agriculture and oil also cost a fortune in subsidies. The US Navy protects oil shipments 24/7 and we pick up the tab.

They say that for 30 billion a year we could end world hunger. If we did that we probably wouldn't even need a military because who would fuck with the people who ended world hunger?
It would certainly fair much better against terrorism than Obama's asinine drone program where for every one we kill we create 10 and it would probably cut down illegal immigration as well.
All for a measly 30B.


Why would you want to speak at this rally? The only reason I can see is confrontation which never goes well. It would be like a Dallas fan at a Giants rally and after seeing some of the NRA ads I would be skeptical of having you speak and I'm about as anti-censorship as it gets.

They are giving you the opportunity to have your own rally and they'll even help.
Equal time IS your freedom of speech.
What more could you ask for?

I think the school just wants to avoid trouble.

Should Trump Resign?

So you don't like democrats treating Trump like republicans treated Obama. Good, neither do I.
Now maybe you can explain how that's relevant.

The idea that Trump bombed Syria defending Obama's line in the sand is at least as preposterous as 3M illegals voting but it shows the desperate lengths Trump supporters will go to in defense of his stupidity, ignorance and most of all his corruption.

Meanwhile he signs an EO for govt contractors to "buy and hire American" that includes "whenever possible".
which is meaningless bullshit

we all know if there wasn't something very damning in his tax returns we would have them already.

What has he done to help working Americans?
Absolutely nothing but he has time to play golf every weekend at $3M= a pop.
It must be exhausting to keep coming up with excuses for incompetence.

How do You Get This to Fly?
@Budwick Uurwut, if you are in tune with the climate change thing, then you must be aware of the scandals regarding data...

Yes I am and it's a load of crap. Oil propaganda.
Climategate was debunked a long time ago.

The climate has been changing but none of the natural processes account for what we see. And it's accelerating. The melting permafrost is releasing huge plumes of methane. That's some serious shit.

Just for the record. The #1 producer of greenhouse gas is factory farming.

Was the election rigged?
Joe Biden would get his ass kicked by Trump, amirite?
@Wunderscore Yes, but that 40% likes Trump. That doesn't reflect the number of people that dislike someone as radical as Bernie...

Bernie just raised $25 million in the third quarter with an $18 average.
He has more individual donors than any other candidate
He's been consistent on everything for 40 years.
He's the only one saying he'll break up the banks and he fights for what he believes in even when it's unpopular. Nobody was talking about medicare for all 5 years ago.
Who do you think got Amazon and Walmart to raise wages?

He's not pie in the sky. Everything he proposes is very doable and he has a plan
We can afford to give the military another 80 billion. We can afford a trillion dollar tax cut for corporations and the people who need it least and we can afford to bomb the shit out of the Middle East
We should spend that money on Americans not death profiteers.

The number of major corporations paying ZERO taxes doubled under Trump in fact, Amazon, the richest company in America owned by the richest man in the world is getting a tax refund. In the millions.

If you're serious about wanting change for the better Bernie's the guy.
That's why the corporate media either ignores him. or writes bullshit hit pieces..
They want to protect the gravy train.

Bernie scares them because he's un-corruptible.

Oh yeah, Trump just hit a new low in approval. 37%
Polls are tied at 47% for impeachment AND removal.
That's as major shift from just 2 weeks ago

Trump's Trade Deals
@Maze States have always competed with each other to attract business, that's as old as America. The real problem is that...

So your solution is to lower US health and safety standards and give corporations even more record breaking profits.
We have the lowest effective capital gains tax in the world.
I have more in my pocket than GE paid in taxes over the last decade.

The proposed tax cuts will do the same thing the last tax cuts did. Accelerate the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world.
How many times does trickle down have to fail before you figure out it doesn't work? It never has and never will.
Who benefits from ending inheritance tax, the middle class?
If tax cuts created jobs we'd be drowning in them.

Trump's economic plan is a disaster. He wants to increase military spending a.k.a. corporate welfare because, he says, the military has been decimated by Obama. That's a flat out lie. Nobody even comes close in military might and Obama didn't cut military spending. He increased it.

When half the country is at or below the poverty line and 85 people own more than the bottom 90% there is no demand.


Oh right, he wasn't bragging he was just describing what other people do. That would explain why he wanted a tic-tac.

From a guy who lies to the public, on average, 5 times a day.

Access Hollywood is not the only time he has alluded to sexual assault.

The new Fourth Reich?
@Maze I don't think it's the same thing Hitler did at all, it's about providing information to the victims of crimes...

So it doesn't apply to every immigrant but how do you know the difference? Claiming it doesn't single out a particular group of people is bullshit. It puts all minorities under suspicion
Are you saying they don't identify people as illegals if they commit a crime? Since when?
There is no reason to have a data base on crimes by immigrants other than to demonize the group. Just like Hitler. The recent round up is exactly what Hitler's brown shirts did.

How Fascism is Made
According to Joseph Goebbels, German Minister of Propaganda, 1933 - 1945

1. Discredit and destroy faith in democratic institutions
2. Politicize and de-legitimize the court system.
3. Repeat falsehoods until they're believed..
4. Discredit the media
5. Attack free press and free speech rights.
6. Create symbols above criticism
7. Claim a mandate you don't have.
8. Blame foreigners and non-whites for all ills
9. Claim you're the only one who can fix it.
10. Claim credit for things you didn't do.
11. Hold rallies for the adoration of supreme leader
12. Threaten to jail and strip citizenship from opponents
13. Refer to only your supporters as true patriots and refer to others as traitors.

Tell me Trump isn't doing every single one of these.

Can Anyone Explain how Trump is Helping the Working Class?

It's not surprising but it is a crack up that you actually buy into that propaganda.
Divisive right wing bullshit must be an acquired taste.

Trump’s Art of the Deal in Mexico - Media ignores common ground, positive first steps in historic meeting with Peña Nieto. What do you think about Trump's trip to Mexico?
@ozzyboy People's lives have been affected by illegals and not in a good way. He may speak harshly but there are plenty of...

There is nothing to back up what Trump says and implying that because a judge MAY have relatives, or "ties" if you prefer, in Mexico he can't be impartial is ludicrous. I would have serious doubts he is associated with terrorists. That sounds like more Trump bullshit.
Nobody's talking about Trump bribing the AG in Florida. She gets $25,000 illegally from Trump's non-profit and 4 days later drops the fraud case against Trump U.

You say liberals want no borders? Every senate Democrat voted $40 billion for border infrastructure, personnel & technology in 2013. Under Obama 2.5 million people were deported or turned away at the border. So stop saying liberals want to let everyone in. What we want is for ICE to stop acting like Jackbooted thugs. Treat all people like human beings.

There's only one problem. Obama and the democrats are not liberals. At the very best they are moderate republicans. The only person I can think of who is possibly slightly left of center is Bernie Sanders
This is what Fascism looks like.

The Corporate Media is Smearing Bernie Sanders . . . . Again.
He Scares the Establishment to Death
@Anonymousmouse you cannot have communism without dictatorship. communism nevrr has worked never will work its BS. USA is to blame...

Communism?? What are you talking about?
Who said anything about communism?
Venezuela isn't communist either. They some of the fairest elections in the world.
They rank way above the US.

USA is to blame for every failed communist country then. right?
Oh sure, that's what I said.
Get real.

Michigan Governor Snyder Belongs in Jail

And at the end of the day Snyder et al. still belongs in jail and partisanship has nothing to do with it.