Have people become apathetic of the soldiers overseas fighting Islamic Terrorism?

Our troops are not fighting terrorism they are creating it.
The best way to combat terrorism is to stop participating in it.

Now that they've elected Trump, how much will the next war they lie us into cost?
@Seonag Do you really think he's going to fully rely on the 17 intelligence agencies that have blown it for the past 16 years!

It wasn't intelligence agencies that blew it and Trump will just make shit up to achieve his ends.
Tweeting is more important to him than intelligence.

We're Still Learning The Extent Of The Damage Done To The USA By Barack Obama
Should Voters in the US be required to produce an ID when voting?
@Budwick Heavens no! Rather that everyone including the republican bastards will be required to show ID. Pretty much...

Lame notions require lame interpretations.
Of all the ways to rig an election only an idiot would suggest doing it one vote at a time. Voter ID is the perfect solution to a non existent problem.
Why not just bring back the poll tax?

I guess it's better to create another bureaucracy to help shrink the size of govt.
I thought you guys didn't like regulations.
Oh that's right.. You just don't like regulations on business. A police state is fine

Is The American Dream Dead?

It's called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.

Here we go again. The fear mongers are pumping ads in response to the boycotts and student gun demonstrations. Watch out for those evil liberals. They're coming to take your guns and your rights. Be very afraid.

How can you be manipulated so easily?

"If someone, even a friend, uses an ugly word referring to another's race or religion, let's make it clear we won't put up with it. There is no place for them in a democratic and free America."

There's a problem with that. America is neither free nor democratic.


According to them it was because of Dennis Rodman.

I haven't heard anything that stupid in quite some time. There are no liberals in govt. The democrats are moderate republicans and the republicans are of the chart.
The last president that even resembled liberal was Carter but he cut oil consumption by 25% and didn't drop enough bombs to keep the other profiteers happy so they brought in Reagan who gave tax cuts to those who need it least, raised taxes 12 times on everyone else and tripled the debt to pay for it.
That was the start of our decline and we've been free range slaves ever since.

Has Anything Good Ever Come From Deregulation?
@Anonymousmouse lol USA was at far greater risk of WWIII under Hilary, calm down now, do you need mommy to kiss you goodnight and...

Awww, bless its little pointed head. You can't respond with anything resembling intelligence but you've learned the right wing dodge. Trying to avoid the issue with personal attacks won't fly but you're a budding Trumpeter for sure. Fact free and clueless.
Has he finished draining the swamp yet?


That's life?
That's stupid.
C ya

The Corporate Media is Smearing Bernie Sanders . . . . Again.
He Scares the Establishment to Death
@Anonymousmouse he won;t just "drain the swamp" he will drain all of america and then go retire, on one of hi smany taxpayer funded...

What? Where do you get this stuff?? FOX?
The guy has been consistently on the right side of virtually every issue for 30 years.
He's one of the poorest members in congress.
Do a little research or maybe even fact check.
Oh no! You can't do that. You might have to deal with the truth.
Taxpayer funded islands. You're crackin me up. You actually believe that crap?

Should Voters in the US be required to produce an ID when voting?
@Budwick Uhm, you know that the republican bastards will be required to show ID too - right?

Your point being what? That bad legislation is OK because it affects everyone?

Jerusalem is a Bible city so democrats don’t even know about it. They never read the Bible. Plus its like a desert or something so no one else even wants to go there. Guess what stupid liberals, they have a wall and no Mexicans! Proof our president is always right.

Israel is great when it comes to sniping unarmed protesters and journalists whose land they have stolen. Oh, wait They're defending themselves. With snipers against people with rocks
So noble. It is the pinnacle of human rights and Trump moving the embassy at this time is perfect. It ensures more Palestinians will die needlessly. Way to go Donny boy. Take your marching orders from Yahoo.

Have people become apathetic of the soldiers overseas fighting Islamic Terrorism?
@JustJimColo Sounds like a wanna be to me... ROFL

Wait, don't tell me. You had bone spurs. Why am I not surprised. Just another chicken hawk.
Stupid AND spineless.