Do you think that using electronic shocks on students (mentally or emotionally disabled) is a reasonable approach to "training" these children who have exhibited improper behavior? This is the only school in the country that still uses this technique.

That's barbaric.

Would you trust your nation's leader if they didn't believe in God?

More than one who does.

If you could wave a magic wand and stop any one thing, what would you stop?


How often do you exercise?

My idea of exercise is looking for the remote.

Is Trump Making America Great??
@Budwick He could be doing it much faster if you lefties would get out of the way.

In the way of what? A Muslim ban? A pitiful health care plan and an even worse budget proposal?
You want some banana to go with that republic?
What happened to jobs? What has he actually done?
Approved 2 pipelines we don't need or want, allowed coal mines to pollute the rivers in some fantasy about coal. He wants to pump the most toxic crap know to man through pipelines that always leak and break for something of no benefit to Americans.
2016 FF jobs 75,000
Renewable jobs 250,000
And it's cheaper. WTF are we doing? Going backward? So Germany is kicking our ass in wind and China in solar and we're going to bring back coal. Does that seem like a good idea to you?

Democrats don't have anything to offer but, come on, you can't tell me you don't have serious doubts about this guy.

You mean like politics?

Is Trump Making America Great??

We've had positive job growth for years. It didn't just start when Trump was elected and the numbers are no higher and the jobs no better than they have been. He tried to take credit for Ford and GM but the decisions were made before he even started to run. Carrier plans to use that 13 million dollar gift to automate.
What a great deal.
To say nothing of obstruction of justice in the Flynn case.

He gave up classified info bragging to the Russians .
In the oval office no less. Then stupidly verified Israel,which he didn't know was part of the Middle East, as the source and gave more classified info to the butcher from the Philipines.
Of course none of this gives you pause.
Or that he doubled the rates at Trump Tower and Mar-a-lago now that taxpayers are picking up the tab.
No conflict of interest there. Or the missiles that boosted his Raytheon stock. 60 million plus and the airport was up the next day.
His approval rating is already below 40% and the only crisis he's had to deal with are the ones he created.
He's starting to unravel and his bullshit isn't working anymore

It is interesting that 95 out of the 100 poorest counties in the US are in "red" states, yet the voters there insist that liberal thinking is the cause of America's economic problems.

The power of propaganda.
The real problem is 35 years of conservative economic policy

What Would it Take to Convince You Trump was a Mistake?

Obviously the bullshit isn't deep enough for you yet.
Had Trump done what he said and gone after the banks and WS instead of pulling back the only thing that kept them from crashing the economy again or not come up with the idiotic notion of getting rid of 2 regs for 1 enacted which shows good or bad is irrelevant or maybe held a speech that wasn't about how much he thinks he won by and or how "fine tuned" his chaos is or maybe if he just spoke above a fourth grade level once in a while and wasn't such a condescending prick it might shut me up a little.
Now it's your turn.

What a crock. She's not being arrested for her religious beliefs. She's being arrested for defying a court order If her beliefs prevent her from following the law she should get a different job.
What if her religion kept her from issuing to Asians? Would that be OK?

Human rights issues always force you to take a side. Too bad. Learn to live with it

What Would it Take to Convince You Trump was a Mistake?

I don't know why people get into politics.

Have you ever been thrown out of someplace?

I'm no longer welcome in the state of Utah does that count?

Trump is the Laziest President in History

Really? I may have to find another forum. I have a problem with censorship even if it's balanced.
If I take the time and effort to type it they'd better post it. I hate typing almost as much as I hate paperwork.

On a Scale of 1 to 10 How Would Rate the Trump Administration?