Monday is when all the good TV shows come on. amirite?

Saturday Morning was once the greatest, for me it's sunday night.. because of family guy, american dad, the simpson, the cleveland show, and maybe king of the hill.

Man, J.D Salinger (the guy who wrote The Catcher in the Rye[ the book that gave the man the reason to kill John Lennon]) is dead...I'm surprised, are you? Amirite?
@Rocky He was old, but I am very saddened. I freaking love that book. Also, the book didn't give a reason to kill John Lennon.

oh? well i just know something involving the book..

Boy, Damn it was a good book, y'know that book was a pretty huge success. All that and stuff. Boy, it got me going. It really did. Really.

It's pretty crazy that a dinosaur's penis was estimated to be 12 feet long and about a foot wide, amirite?
@Iamsorite Hahaha you kids and your lack of knowledge. that's not how he died.

k, john holmes died of aids, i wikied this yes... i did... now there's a black man, with a 14 inch (Don't ask how i know) called O.G Mudbone, who shoots cum like a rocket, that'll fill up an entire bucket

Drinking Kool-Aid while eating Sour Patch Kids is very delicious. :D, amirite?

never tried it, so i cant say

It's annoying when your boyfriend constantly asks for blumpkins and rim jobs, amirite?

It wouldnt be annoying if you just did it, amirite? LOL.. nah i'm kidding, it does sound annoying.

It would honestly be one step up if period blood actually smelled like blood. amirite?
We all like to pretend we have super powers in our imagination. For instance, I like to imagine that I can leap tall midgets in a single bound. amirite?

Lol damn, I thought you'd want it since i didnt want it D:

It's annoying when ten year olds join facebook groups like, "I want my 90's nickelodeon back!", amirite?
It would awesome to live in south park for a day, amirite?
There should be a pause button when we lie down in bed, when we're ready to start life, we can press play by getting off the bed. Amirite?
@DHA Think that's called sleep, brah.

Life goes on when we sleep D: we need to pause life to get good sleeps

Jesus Christ is the son of God! Therefore he is your salvation, amirite?

"Salvation lies within." - Shawshank Redemption

Acquaintances and friends, there is a difference between those two, amirite?

yes definitely, just because someone you know says they are your friend, does not make it so, but you're acquainted with them.

That cookie dough taste good as / or even better than cookie itself was an idea I thought of the day before it was posted. In conclusion, It's really annoying how you forget to do tasks when you remind yourself you should do it. amirite?

Not saying "that bitch stole my idea," i admit defeat. First come first serve.

You used to be super awesome if you had a portable CD player but now you get laughed at if you still use one, amirite?

haha i heard it's called a walkman.

We can STFU about Canda now, amirite?

Okay, let's talk about CANADA*