August is the only month that's also an adjective, amirite?

March is the only one that's a verb...

Strict vegans shouldn't listen to music played on violins, cellos, drums or pianos with ivory keys. amirite?
@Edgycorner Well, surely a line exists somewhere when it comes to monetarily supporting art/entertainment made using animal...

Well, to get absolutely technical, aren't there vegans that refuse to wear wool? That would be the same as a horsehair bow, wouldn't it? And neither sheep nor horses have to die for those. Elephants definitely die for ivory.

When you wake up from a dream about falling, you're "falling awake". amirite?

You're an amazing thinker.

Potatoes are vegetables therefore french fries are healthy, amirite?

Brilliant, obesity solved.

Tom Hanks must have seen a study similar to the Tom Cruise + lots of running = box office smash, except the Hanks one said Hanks + lots of water = box office smash, amirite?

Watching Tom Cruise run is the only reason I go see his movies.

It has been statistically proven that living increases you lifespan. amirite?
@100% of living people have died

Exactly. If you reverse this process you could say 0% of people died which didnt lived. Therefore not liviving increases your chance of not dying.

Even if we were all the same race, humans would still find reasons to hate each other based on superficial factors. amirite?
A 3 hour movie seems long, but a 5 hour game feels short. amirite?
someone out there is sexually attracted to snowmen, amirite?

I think he might be me

If Casinos require masks to be worn inside, that'll really help people's poker faces, amirite?

Talk about One armed Bandits!

Talking to girls online used to be seen as an activity for losers that couldn't get a date in real life. amirite?
Technically, if it exists, it's non fiction, amirite?

Checkmate athiests

Rock and roll is officially dead, amirite?

Rock and roll will never die.

"Martian" might eventually become its own language. amirite?
@Montiexx Humanity's future Mars settlements might create their own language

Ok, but what if the life out there already has its own language, and to them we speak Martian?

If everyone suddenly followed every law, it would probably lead to an economic collapse. amirite?
@Rabupabu Mind explaining?

Considering all the jobs that are linked to upholding laws, lawyers, police and whatnot, money collected through fines and everything. At least it would lead to a great ripple in the economy due to lost expected income, and a lot of jobs becoming suddenly redundant.
Of course in the long run it would lead to something a lot better, I'm just thinking about the sudden shock.