About me.

Hey, I'm Gracie and I love anime(Favorites being Spiral, Ghost Hunt, Soul Eater, and Hetalia), cosplay and drawing. I specialize in still life and landscape, as well as manga. I'm also on fanfiction (Midnightlily453) so check out my stuff! I'm also very into origami. _^

As for music, I love symphonic metal and power metal. My favorite bands are Within Temptation, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, and Evanescence( ' Fallen' era, not the crap they're producing now.) But I'm fairly open to many styles, though I hate my favorite bands changing theirs.

My sport of choice is karate, the kind that actually teaches you something. (Unlike strip mall clubs(I'm looking at you, National Karate) that teach crap and turn kids loose with a black belt after a couple years of instruction, while I've been training hard for seven years) I'm not saying all clubs in strip malls are bad.I just have some things against National Karate kids that think they're masters (who I could have on the ground in less than a minute) that can't even do a hook kick and keep their balance. Not that they're all like that, of course.

Contrary to what my profile suggests so far, I'm actually not a bitch or narcissist. I'm fairly pacifistic. I believe in loyalty and honesty rather than backstabbing or false friendship. I would do just about anything for my friends.