The bean is woefully under-appreciated by western society.

Chocolate and coffee come from beans.

It's unfair to be impatient with the hard of hearing, amirite?
@raintrail Yeah, but life's unfair

And that's some sort of excuse to be a dick?

It seemed like a good idea at the time, amirite?

"Rules: You are not allowed to do anything that begins with, 'HEY Y'ALL, WATCH THIS!''

How many children did Harry have when he became Head Auror?
How many children did Harry have when he became Head Auror?

From the books and interview material. The rest is simple math, really. Harry was twenty-seven when he was promoted and thirty-seven in the epilogue. Albus was obviously eleven and Lily nine. Therefore Albus was approximately one year old at the time of the promotion and Lily was born a year later. That makes two - James and Al.

The greatest challenge in life is to find someone who knows all ur flaws, differences & mistakes. Yet still sees the best in you. Amirite?

No, the greatest challenge in life is to LEARN HOW TO SPELL "YOUR"!

RayWilliamJohnson makes videos about videos. In theory it sounds lame but he actually is funny, amirite?

I find it funny how this website seems to have the exact opposite opinion on Ray than YouTube does.

Ray William Johnson and Meekakitty should be in a relationship, they are cute together. amirite?

Meh. I'm not too big on Meekakitty, mostly because when she subbed for Ray she tried to BE Ray. Everybody else who's ever subbed for him has used their own jokes - albeit fitting with Ray's humor. Whenever Gabriel's been on =3 he never once does the troll. I think that's what makes Robby Motz so refreshing - he doesn't try to pull a Meekakitty and copy all of Ray's jokes. He does his own thing. :)

What starts with 'p' and ends with the letter 'e' and has heaps of letters?
Whose life is more tragic, Harry's or Snape's?
@DW2 Actually did read all the books. Have you ever taken the online quizzes to see what house the sorting hat would put...

I'm a Hufflepuff. What does that have to do with anything? And you'd rather hang out with Snape, so therefore that makes him a "better person" by default? Why don't you try making a relevant argument for once, instead of talking nonsense?


No, he deserves - scratch that, NEEDS - someone with emotional STURDINESS. Y'know, someone who can just hold him as he cries. Because it may not have escaped your notice, but he practically has a 99% chance of coming out of the war with PTSD. But yeah, guys don't get PTSD, now do they? Not according to half the selfish little b*tches that make up my gender population!

Yeah, that's great, he marries Ginny, he wins, that's great and all, but...Did Harry ever become an Auror? Amirite?

That's...not an opinion, it's a question. And yes, he did become an Auror.

A girl can make a guy bleed, but the moment he makes her cry, he's the one in the wrong, amirite?
Whose life is more tragic, Harry's or Snape's?
@DW2 Because I'm a Slitherin. :)

Blah blah house pride blah. Now then, are you gonna give me a convincing argument or nah?

A girl can make a guy bleed, but the moment he makes her cry, he's the one in the wrong, amirite?
@fuzala the authors are portraying a fictional story that doesn't really reflect much of reality

But if a character is created officially as tough as nails and a fanfic interprets her as a whiny little b*tch who gets whatever she pleases whenever she pleases just by crying her way to victory, what does that say about the author's perception of society, of women in general?