It's a bit annoying when people complain about teenagers being unhealthy for not going to a gym. Gyms charge the same membership fee for everyone, so you need a steady income for it, a luxury most teens don't have. Why don't they make gyms free for students, that way we might actually go? amirite?

True, but if that teenager actually cared they would go for a jog. Which I'm pretty sure doesn't cost a thing.

I recently had sex with my girlfriend but she kept screaming someone else's name. Does anyone know who Rape is? amirite?

Kind of sick, but very funny though :)

Having guy friends.. No drama, no betrayal, no jealousy, they're much more entertaining, and they're straight up. They're like your brothers and got your back, instead of stabbing you in it. amirite?
@aKaBFeLLa Meh, must be some weird guys then. I surely don't want a girl who hangs out with all guys, and talks like them...

Hanging out with a lot of guys doesn't mean you speak or act like them. It's just more fun and even safer xD

It's amazing how a new relationship can completely change your best friend, amirite?
@RoonilWazlib I ended up having to be the one to clean up the messes after their 3 breakups...

Tell me about it. Its like when she is in a relationship with someone she puts ours on hold. And then they break up and only then does she remember me.

You know you had a good time when you can't tell your parents what you did, amirite?

Not necessarily.

Girls: It's incredibly unfortunate when an extremely HOT guy has a nerdy name, amirite?
@Probably a stereotypical douchebag name like Jake, Travis, Justin, Brandon etc..

I cannot believe you think Justin is a hot name. Come on !! After all the thing justin bieber did. xD

Pretty Little Liars Watchers: It would be funny if 'A' turned out to just be someone random, like the school's gardener, or the mailman , amirite?

It would be, but I don't think someone like that would actually kill .. I really want to know who A is .

It's really annoying when you notice someone cheating on a test but they get away with it, amirite?

It's fine when the whole class is working together xD that's why it's "helping" not "cheating".

Never understood why people started naming inanimate objects "she". amirite?

Spongebob <3

Everyone has at least one sock with a hole in it, amirite?

I'm guessing because your socks are awesome, amirite?

It's always awkward to try on tight jeans in a fitting room because it's hard to get them on, but twice as hard to get them off, so you're usually hopping around and falling over while trying to get them off and you hope no one's watching your feet from under the door as this is happening, amirite?
If life would really end in December 2012 I bet almost everyone wouldn't be where they are right now, sitting in front of you computer.amirite?
@DanielJames lolwut. You think we have lives outside of the Internet? I'll be on amirite making my last post.

That's why the almost everyone. But I'm sure even you wouldn't be in front of your computer.... And trust having a life is kind of overrated.

No one can deny that Hitler was an excellent, charismatic leader, amirite?
"I'm a bit nervous to go on stage." "Oh, it's okay, just imagine everyone in their underwear." ...I'd rather not. amirite?

I was watching Brainiac: science abuse once and they did this experiment. It was a job interview, the guy had to go in first with the interviewers fully dressed and then later with them in there underwear and it actually made him more nervous. One was a hot girl the other fat old guy and the third with barely something on so preferably don't imagine people in their underwear.

Pretty Little Liars Watchers: It would be funny if 'A' turned out to just be someone random, like the school's gardener, or the mailman , amirite?
@PurplePaintedToenails Yeah. I know what you mean. I don't think the killer and 'A' are the same person though. And while I highly doubt...

Yeah, true but sometimes its too weird I meanA ran over Hannah that's not something a gardener or a mailman would do. They wouldn't be so cautious about their identity being discovered.