About me.

So the name is Tabitha. I’m 18 years old, born on June 21st, 1993. I live in Indiana. I’m a very kind-hearted person who speaks her mind whenever given the chance. I have my shy moments but usually it doesn’t take much to get me to open up to you. I’m loyal & always there for my friends & if i care about you i am willing to listen to you go on & on about your problems. I sometimes wish at 11:11 hoping for something magical to happen to me. I’m goal-oriented and want to do many things with my life. I have big dreams & a big heart. I have a passion for writing and an undesirable love for music. I am such a kid at heart. I have a strong sense of humor & even in the most serious situations i can barely keep a straight face. I’m usually different than most people expect me to be and i do some things that might surprise or even shock you. Some people might describe me as odd, random, loud, or annoying but i am incredibly unpredictable. I am pretty optimistic and i try to look on the bright side of most things. I don’t know where i would be in life without my best friends. Honestly they have gotten me through the best of times & the worst of times. I love them to death & these lucky people are the ones i’d do anything for. Every memory with my best friends will always be cherished & remembered & i can’t wait to make more. If you can make me laugh you are considered a very important person in my life. I live off of humor & love people who are funny. I am very adventurous & always looking for something fun to do, i have gotten myself into some trouble along these adventures but it was always worth it. I can be pretty rebellious & i usually don’t do as told. If you tell me one thing, there’s a chance i’ll do the exact opposite. I am friendly and overall a happy person but sometimes my shyness gets the best of me. I’m really open-minded to alot of things. I’m not very patient at all and waiting for things gets on my nerves. I sometimes make rational decisions and do things without thinking, I’ve made my share of mistakes but i am only human :).