It'd be cool if we lived our life again, but in a different century, amirite?

well, I'm just a fan of the 80s, amazing music, skinny jeans and bad hair

Stress Balls don't really work, amirite?

they do if you simply chuck them at the thing that is causing you stress

Last year, Lily Allen was huge. Now no one talks about her, amirite?

i like her still

When you were a kid, adult's signatures seemed just like random scribbles. amirite?
@ninjacow910 i can't tell if you are joking or not...

I'll let you wonder about that I guess. :D nah, I'm not serious

You wish that plungers could unclog stuffy noses, amirite?

technically, it would be better to have something to draw the nastiness out rather than simply forcing it ever further into your body

When on an escalator, you always have the fear that your shoe lace will get caught and your leg will get sucked in, amirite?

Its really sad when almost all of the things that you have to say in the comments have already been pointed out. almost as sad as the fact that i automatically thought of final destination when i read that post

You know at least one person who sneezes so loud it seems like they could cause an earthquake, amirite?

i literally jump when i sneeze usually

William is 100% royal and Kate is 0% royal. If William and Kate have a son, he will be the half-blood prince. amirite?
I’d take your message for social upheaving a lot more seriously if your Anarchy shirt hadn’t been purchased at Hot Topic, amirite?

don't hate on hot topic man. I adore hot topic. But that is a true statement either way

You saw or still see yourself as the family black sheep, amirite?
I'm a 14 year old girl, it's normal that I've only kissed eight guys, hugged 16, and had sex with ONLY 3, amirite?

I'm more curious as to how many STDs she has

There are two kinds of men and only two; there's the one they put in his proper place, and the one with his foot in the other one's face, amirite?

All of the people who voted "no way" clearly have never seen sweeny todd

I am not saying we should kill all the stupid people in the world, I am suggesting we remove all the warning labels and let the problem sort itself out. Amirite?

Thank you, Charles Darwin

mylifeisaverage.com sent you here. Amirite?

It just seems a little fake now because when you actually think about it, the odds are against even a tiny portion of the posts being true

it sucks when you make a harry potter reference and no one gets it, amirite?