Smoothies are adult babyfood, amirite?
Someone in history had the biggest dick of human existence, but didn't know it. amirite?

Someone also took the biggest poop in human history without knowing it.

Pets will eat an entire bowl of dry food without taking a single drink of water but we have to take a drink every few bites, amirite?

One of my weird quirks. I don't drink and eat at the same time. I'll eat my entire super before ever touching my drink.

If you kidnap someone the police kidnap you except legally, amirite?

In some countries, if you kill someone, the state can kill you, except legally

Romans 8 aught to be written Romans VIII, amirite?
@Ludox "ought".. "aught" means "anything" in old timey English.

thanks. I wouldn't have to remember that if "should" weren't a banned word here

The North Pole and South Pole can be switched without meaning, amirite?

The poles are named after magnetic polarities not orientations. Switching those names could affect how certain magnetically reliant products work.

Since depression exists, the philosophical argument that there most be an opposite to all things implies that there is a disorder that makes people TOO happy, amirite?

This is interesting. Might have one then the other in the future?

If dogs could talk it would do wonders for people's self-esteem. Cats would destroy it. amirite?

For all we know, cats do talk.

Chances are they just don't see any point talking to *us*.

Watching an awesome porn without fapping is one of the hardest tests of wills, amirite?

first watch it to see if it's worthy then begin and while stroking, because you already watched it, start checking out the suggested ones and spend around half an hour searching again

Mermaids would have stiff shoulders from having to constantly hold themselves up on land, amirite?
Not having penis as a man is good when you are in a fight, as it hurts less when you are struck down there, amirite?

If only penis can be dismantled

The letter Q is O with an erection, amirite?

Must be a fat person. Probably can't see their erection with that overhang.

The elephant is way bigger than even the biggest birds. If the blue whale is the biggest creature that can "fly" through water, who knows what walks around on the ocean floor. amirite?

I didn't think much lived down there because if all the pressure.

If eating your dinner takes an hour, you're eating too much, amirite?
If somebody chopped somebody else's leg off, intending for it to be a murder, and years later a murderer killed them cause they couldn't run away fast enough, it's an assist kill. amirite?

I'm an amputee and I approve this message.