Happy Birthday! !

Happy Birthday! :D

I know you.

How many languages can you speak?

I know the basics of Hindi/Urdu, English and Kashmiri.

I know a little bit of Arabic and French, but just a few important phrases.

Happy Birthday!

Peace and happiness in my family.

What's your horror name?

Lonely Clown

Have you ever underwent a surgical procedure, that required you to be under general anaesthesia? How did it not feel?
What lasts forever?
@Sofia Death?

y smilie

(Except for those who believe in life after death)

Happy birthday!

__ to her than meets the eye.

Do you find it harder to apologize or to accept apologies?

I'm sorry I apologize way too easily :) ... You get them easily but they're still as meaningful... my apologies.

Quiz: What’s your Moral Alignment? (Follow the link)

You Got: Neutral Good

You are guided by your conscience, rather than any formal laws or traditions. You may occasionally break the rules, but it’s generally in service of the greater good.

Popular neutral good characters:
Jake the Dog from Adventure Time
Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter
Glenn from The Walking Dead

Can you play any musical instruments ?
@PhilboydStudge Not well, but yes. Guitar and bass guitar.

Once you know how to use it, there's always scope for exploration. I haven't even touched a guitar.

Post some of your favorite baby photos. As many as you want.

Did you say human?

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