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And just like a real community there are the bigger names, that everyone knows, Anthony for example, and there are smaller names that not many people have heard of. The bigger names could be town representatives, while the smaller names are merely residents. The anonymous folk could be travelers, just passing through, but may come around to stay a while later.

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AppleZach AppleZach

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I'm a girl and most of my friends are guys. Guys are always there for you and they don't start drama. I love it.

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karen_xoxo karen_xoxo

In response to “I'm a girl and most of my friends are guys...

Not all girls start drama, either. None of my friends do. Chances are, if you were someone who didn't start or fuel drama, you would attract friends who have a similar attitude.

Just saying.

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Come here **** let me pet your head.
Oh wait you want your tummy rubbed instead?
Anything for man's best friend.
Now let's go find some hoes
And plant a garden of the flower rose.
yeaaaaaa boyyyyy

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DavidSedano DavidSedano

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Disney lets you in for free on your birthday, you just need to show up.

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In response to “Disney lets you in for free on your birthday...

You can drive yourself there in your new car!

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LittleRed LittleRed

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why not take your shirt off and nail it to the side of the goddamn building!

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In response to “why not take your shirt off and nail it to...

Because having **** with clothing is frowned upon.

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Serg Serg

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Doubt it. The water would have been too cold for them to survive as it was -2C. Lobsters live in shallower waters and where the titanic sunk was very very deep water. The pressure the ship created while sinking would have crushed them and they probably would have had their claws tied.

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SpearmintMilk SpearmintMilk

In response to “Doubt it. The water would have been too cold...

You just can't let one dream, can you?

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thecatwhocopies thecatwhocopies

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I got 15/8 on a chem lab instead of 5/8 once, and it pulled my average over 90. So i'm definitely staying dishonest on that one.

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PorcelainBlack PorcelainBlack

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A teacher once held out his hand and my friend spit her gum into it, thinking he was mad she was chewing in class. Turns out he just wanted a piece of gum himself. Go figure.

...Which wasn't really what the post was talking about. But it's a cool story to me, bro.

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Tempest_Trance Tempest_Trance

If you were given the option to recieve plastic surgery free, you'd decline, even if you considered for a bit before deciding, <strong>amirite?</strong>

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Free plastic surgery sounds a little sketchy to me... I might end up in a bathtub full of ice missing a kidney.

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My mom accused me of this one time with my sisters journal. She thought I had taken it, and everyone thought I had taken it (my mom, my sis, my aunt) and no one would believe me and I started crying. (I was about four.) It just happened to be that my sis had misplaced it. It was sitting in the bathroom on the toilet tank. So after that I got a bunch of apologies and I rarely get accused of lying.

For all of you who don't want to read that mumbo jumbo above, MORAL OF THE STORY IS, TELL THE TRUTH AT A YOUNG AGE AND THEN YOU CAN LIE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

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Shugah Shugah

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In Brazil, colégio/escola = any kind of school (pre, elementary, middle, high).

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AnnDeeva AnnDeeva

In response to “In Brazil, colégio/escola = any kind of...

In France ecole = any kind of school. In America e coli = bacteria

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KickAss KickAss

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When I was 10 "Santa" gave me a dog, it was the cutest chihuahua ever! when he was 2 years old I saw how a car ran over him (cry2) I had another chihuahua but she got bitten by a black widow and died :'(

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annie annie

In response to “When I was 10 "Santa" gave me a dog...

That's really sad!! maybe its time to switch to a robot dog or something :((

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Goatbreath Goatbreath

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