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What's funny is many people are saying it's morally and ethically wrong or that it's disgusting, kinda like what homophobes say about homosexuality. The whole basis of the gay rights movement today is that just because someone finds an act disgusting, they should not have the right to affect the legality of it. Both these instances involve consenting adults, homosexuality and incest.

About the procreation argument. Yes, there is a chance of potential disorders in the offspring but the same can be said for children of parents who have hereditary genetic disorders. Should be ban that as well?

Pro-LGBT people claim to be open-minded and tolerant but in reality behave more like sheep following a political trend.

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Okay stop.
I know a girl who a lot of guys go for. She's pretty, funny, intelligent, nice, talented, etc. She is by no means a rotten apple. I also know plenty of girls who aren't as popular with the guys. Is there something wrong with them? Not necessarily, but it would still be unfair of them to look at all the "picked" girls like "Haha you're just easy I am special!!"
That's pretty insulting to guys in general too.
Also do you even know how apple trees work?

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Sarcasm_on_ice Sarcasm_on_ice

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If I had a fatal illness, I'd probably be hating my life and cursing every minute of it and become depressed; I'm a coward (not always). But when I see someone coping with their illness, fighting with all their might to get cured, being happy and smiling, even if it's forced, enjoying their time, helping others, living their life normally, then yeah they definitely are brave. Being brave doesn't always have to do with something physical; a person coping with their illness is much braver than someone who stands up to a bully. So yes not everyone with a fatal illness is necessarily brave, but someone dealing with it and facing it is yes indeed brave.

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Maya Maya

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I actually logged out and it was going to be the last time I ever went on amirite but this'll keep me here for a while.

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OnePiecepkmn OnePiecepkmn

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Well yeah, but I'm Australian so it's pretty much impossible for me to say anything without sounding Australian

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My dad tells me this all the time and says I'm rude. I always get lectured.

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theasexualsloth theasexualsloth

In response to “My dad tells me this all the time and says...

The lady was like " Why don't you have any friends? " I said " I go to school to learn, not socialize. " After that, I put on some sunglasses like a cool person (not really.)

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You know what I just realised? Women aren't locks and men aren't keys. We're all human beings with complex emotions and sexualities and no-one should have the right to decide who can enjoy having more than one sexual partner and who can't based on their gender. If a woman wants to have ** with multiple partners without getting into relationships with them and she practices safe ** then why can't she? What right does anyone, male or female, have to look down on her? Stop acting like there's one rule for men and one for women, we aren't living in the 50s anymore.

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Xin_a_tizzleX Xin_a_tizzleX

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um i prefer waffles over pancakes

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In response to “um i prefer waffles over pancakes

There's nothing wrong with that. It's not a choice, and if you prefer waffles over pancakes you can't help it. I hope that one day people will be able to make waffles without being judged. :(

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mash mash

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