It has long been proven that consumption of carbonated beverages has a direct threat to health, in particular, may cause irritation of the gastric mucosa and as a result, unplanned bout of gastritis. But not everyone knows that the enrichment of water with carbon dioxide - an excellent means of disinfection and preservation thereof. So, the more carbon dioxide in the water, the more doubtful of its original purity. Also artificial carbonation industrial kills all bacteria in the water, including useful, and violates the natural composition of the water! Source:-http://mouthwash-oral-hygiene.b...ater-soft.html

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I usually like skinny to medium. However I have ran across a few heavier girls that really got under my skin for some reason!

Love is a mysterious thing. The right combination of personality intelligence, and beauty can trump a set of skinny legs any day.

There are normal guys that go out with girls of different sizes. I happen to be one of them. I have liked and have gone out with women of different sizes. I do not care much if a woman is skinny or overweight. As long as she does not have an eating disorder (refuses to eat, throws up after eating or eats too much then feels gulity) that I do not know about, then her size is not an issue. If she has a beautiful face (eyes, smile and nice long hair), then she is worth being attracted to especially if she has an amazing person-personaliy wise.
I have a female coworker who is overweight yet she has a beautiful face and nice long hair. I am not ashamed to think that she is pretty. A girl also has to have good hygiene.

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