If your grass was emo you would never have to mow the lawn because they would cut themselves, amirite?
In your 20s you're worried about what everyone thinks of you. In your 30s you make it a point to not care what anyone thinks of you. In your 40s you realize that no one was thinking about you anyway. amirite?

I was just trying to explain this to one of my clients. Everyone needs to know this.

It's not until you start buying groceries that you realize how expensive fast food is. amirite?

I had a conversation recently with my stepmom about this. As kids, we would eat a of the food as quickly as we could. We wouldn't think anything of it. She would get pissed that we went through $100 worth of food in no time. Not until I became an adult and starting paying for our family to go out to dinner did I realize how much my parents spent on food for 2 teenage boys and 1 girl.

It turns out that living through a global event that will be remembered in the history books isn't anywhere near as exciting as reading about it in history books makes it seem. amirite?

This is an important thing to realize. A lot of people who say things like, "they don't build them like like they used to", or people who have nostalgia for a time period are generally looking back from comfort at a snapshot of memories that don't show the struggle behind the curtain.

Horror films that don't use music are the scariest, amirite?

So are shows like icarly or drake & josh without laugh tracks

R.....e.....a.....d.....i.....n...g the first word would take longer due to having five periods between them. amirite?

It did though

Number aren't real. People just made them up to make things easier. amirite?
@freq432 I'm saying the symbols specifically.

Then yes. All of language, written and spoken, was also just made up by people to make things easier.

If giraffes had 8 legs and were venomous like spiders, nobody would give a f*ck. amirite?

Sure. But only because you'd never find one in your shoe.

We can't sense our own presence. amirite?

Care to elaborate?

Nextgen launches were literally IRL battle royales, amirite?
Nextgen launches were literally IRL battle royales, amirite?
There is a person we know that will never date anyone in their whole life, amirite?


Did I make it less or more sad?

Large communities could be toxic for many reasons. amirite?

Especially people with one gods?

Being a therapist is a professional job until you put a space in between the "E" and the "R", amirite?

Yep psycho the rapist

It doesn't make sense that a majority of stores are open 9-5 when most people work 9-5, amirite?