About me.

Hey I'm Alice, nice to meet you, unless we have opposing views in which case let us duel accordingly.
I'm 17 and I live in the UK, I like to think I'm at least partially feminist, but I doubt I'm very well informed, bit pretentious probably... Anyways I read lots, I'm at college, I'm trying to learn how to play acoustic guitar and failing miserably, I'm a little mad, but otherwise I'm awesome.

I think abortion should be legal, but I would never have one myself.
I'm an atheist who still has a set of morals despite my heathen ways and worship of the dear Lord Satan.
I think rape is abhorrent and the justice system is flawed when dealing with such cases, as it is with countless other things.
I don't hate men, people often think this of feminists so I thought I'd save you any accusations, quite the contrary actually I think most men are rather foxy.
I can't think of any other major opinions I have other than the basic ones most people do like racism is wrong etc.
So there it is, my gloriously opinionated assholerly, feel free to argue that's why I'm here ;)