When someone is released from prison he is said to "have paid his debt to society" - but in reality it DOES mean that "society" don't regard the debt paid, amirite?

That, and society also paid via taxes to keep the criminal in prison. So society gets fucked over more than once.

This might seem bad, but why don't homeless people, who don't want to be homeless, just commit a crime that gets them sent to prison? Then they would have a place to live, and three meals a day. Amirite?

Prison would be more stressful and dangerous. And cost us more to house them. That, and I used to work at a homeless shelter/crises center - many aren't really interested in "help" beyond the basics and are pretty content with their situation. Not everyone wants to be "saved."

99.99% of girls need to get over themselves and realize they're not as great or as special as they think they are, amirite?
Girls got it easier: A Vibrator can greatly outperform and outpleasure the work of a Man's penis, but for Men nothing can substitute a mouth or the sweet,wet, tender, warm gushiness that is a Vagina. amirite?

I prefer every part of a guy :D

you've had a crush on at least one of your teachers before or at least thought one of them was cute, amirite?

7th grade science teacher. My mind was always in filthy/perv mode in that class. Ha.

It would suck if you made a mistake that cost your family and friends their lives, amirite?
99.99% of girls need to get over themselves and realize they're not as great or as special as they think they are, amirite?

Only if by "different" and "original," you're not referring to clique-based self-identity that a lot of "different" and "original" people follow.

you would never suspect that the guy who sings "I wanna be a billionaire" is black, amirite?

No matter what he is - it's pretty much expected that he'd sing about money.

When you go to Wendy's you have to get the fries and the Frosty or else its just not the same, amirite?

I don't see why combining the two is so popular. I've tried it - it's okay at best. Certainly nothing memorable or anything to obsess over.

It would suck if a pregnant woman's belly were hit hard with a baseball bat, amirite?
When someone talking to you has really bad breath, you don't wanna be mean so you just pretend nothing's wrong, amirite?

I met a guy once whose breath was horrific, but I played nice. It literally made me sick for the following three days.

Another guy at a club nearly made me vomit because his breath was horrid. I wound up making a face and gagging before I could catch myself. He got the idea.


It's annoying when you can tell a girl is making her ponytail swing side to side on purpose as she walks, amirite?
Many male, ultra-Christian, anti-gay bigots sound gay due to their "love" for/obsession with Jesus, amirite?
@Wow another Christian joke. What would happen if the Christians started making fun of other religions. That's...

Like Christians don't denounce/mock other religions all the time.

That said, I wouldn't be offended if other religions were made fun of. I wouldn't even care. All religions seem like lunacy to me.

You plan to do all your holiday shopping through SkyMall this year, amirite?