It sucks when you get yourself psyched up to go for a run, and you go outside starting to run feeling like you're kicking ass only to have to take the biggest shit in your life a quarter mile away from home, amirite?

This sounds specific

Girls: when you like a guy, it's really easy to picture yourself doing things with them months down the road, like going on dates or trips together. amirite?

I always imagine the dirty stuff. :/

Middle school: "You have a tattoo?! OMFG. YOU'RE SO BADASS." High school & up: "Oh." Amirite?

You'd be surprised how many students, and even teachers, have tattoos at my school.

It's trashy to take pictures in dressing rooms with clothing you haven't bought, and tags hanging off of them, amirite?

Unless its for opinions on what you should buy.

You don't get what's so funny about a chicken crossing a road, amirite?
There should be a word for saying that someone is attractive, but not really in a sexual way. Ex: If you say "That guy is so cute", but you mean it like how puppys are cute. Amirite?


Maya and Katie= Clare and Darcy, amirite?

Clare and Alli = Emma and Manny

It makes you sad hearing people say that they cannot change the world because they are only one person, if all that people changed their opinnions, it wouldn't be "just one person" it would be almost the entire world. amirite?

I mentioned adopting instead of having my own children and my parents freaked out. I told them it was a nice way to give those children opportunities and they told me that I can't change the world no matter how many children I adopt and that I was stupid. What idiots.

It's kind of sad to see your younger siblings get older and less innocent, amirite?

My dad doesn't live with us, so my younger brother has never really had a male figure. I always thought he needed my father around more to learn how to be a gentleman and whatnot. Anyways my dad has always been strict and a real prick and a few days ago he punched my mom in the face, so my little 13 year old brother tackled a grown man to defend his mom. I've never been so proud of him. I was wrong about him needing my dad to learn to be a man, my brother is a million times more man than my father will ever be. I can't believe how he's evolved from the little innocent boy who used to dress up as spiderman every day to a young man who defended our mom. :)

Nudity should be more acceptable, but less sexualized, amirite?
You think its stupid how people date over club penguin, amirite?
You feel terrible when your friend is crushing on someone, but that someone wants YOU instead of your friend, amirite?
Getting attached to a one night stand is a bad idea, amirite?

Furniture fetish!

It sucks how my parents never understand what I'm trying to tell them, as if we didn't speak the same language and how I always hang out with the same people especially my psycho-bitch cousin and my scardy cat best friend because he never wants to go on awesome adventures with me. It especially sucks how keeping a screwdriver in my diaper gives me a rash, amirite?