Ok, grandpa I'm not really listening to this war talk, amirite?

No offense ( and I seriously do not mean to be rude or sarcastic in any way) although people don't listen to their grandfathers that much, they are important to us. Both of mine have passed on and I wish I could hear them tell me war stories.

When someone says 'West Coast' most people just think of California, and forget poor Oregon and Washington, amirite?

Thanks #334110. Oregon is not bland. It is wet, and to me, its home, so I don't think of just Cali, Although I have been to northern California.

I actually do actually believe what you are actually saying without you actually having to qualify it with the word actual, amirite?

Same with basically and technically.

You have never actually seen a kid trying to feed their veggies to the dog, amirite?

I still am that kid.

You wish you could call your iPod when you lose it, like a cell phone, so you could hear where it is and find it, amirite?

And keys and the remote.

Homeless people are actually a bit like a business man. He advertises his donation box with a catchy sign, or maybe sing a song etc. something to grab everyone's attention. He has competition with other homeless people. He has company alliances, with his friends. This homeless person could very well run a business better then a CEO, he knows that money is important, and not to abuse it. amirite?

Some people are homeless because they were left overwhelming debts by relatives who have passed away. Not all homeless people were bad with money before they became homeless.

When someone yells "Jesus Christ" you look around like: "No way! He's here?!", amirite?

I will now.

That turtle that throws hammers in Mario Bros. is a little bitch, amirite?

His name is hammer bro. I have no idea why the bro. The games never show him with a brother.

@If God is allowing us only certain options to choose, then how is that really free will? You could argue it's an...

Even though God limits things like gravity and the weather, he does not limit our individual actions. How people interact with each other and the world around us is completely up to us.

I think what your'e saying is " If we have free will, then we control our own destiny. And if we control our own destiny, then God cannot plan it. Is that right?

The new Harry Potter was awesome but it kinda pissed you off that they left out the scene where Harry yells at Lupin for wanting to leave Tonks and the unborn baby to join Harry, Ron, and Hermione, amirite?

They also didn't show what Harry wrote on Dobby's Gravestone.

Comfort foods almost always taste better in a bowl, amirite?

Depends on the food. Some types of food are difficult to eat in a bowl.

Actually its a dress, so i'm not sure whether to click yeah you are or no way.

I don't get why people would spend real money on a virtual item for a virtual game on facebook (example: spending a couple of dollars for a spray that would make your crops not wither on farmville), amirite?

I agree and some sites will trick you into buying useless things by putting a pop up in the way right as you are about to exit.

It's very stupid to get a tattoo on your face, amirite?
@Shut up asshole. No one gives a shit

(annoyed!): You might want to speak for yourself. People of all sorts of opinions come here to share and if you don't like it, you can vote Bree1803's post down instead of assuming that you know wether or not the rest of us on the site care, unless of course you are referring to yourself as no one.

dihydrogen monoxide is very dangerous. amirite?

Has no one ever heard of drowning?