Nobody really knows how to respond to "what's up?", amirite?

"my penis" ... simple as.
It's better seeing as I'm a girl.

Why do they say that you're killing trees by using so much paper? the tree has already been killed, amirite?

I know you're just trying to be clever but I feel like I have to say this,
they say it because you could save that paper and not waste it, the more paper you use, the more they have to make.

Americans: you sometimes wonder if british people talk in an american accent to pretend to be something, like we talk in a british accent to pretend to be fancy, amirite?

Usually when I put on an American voice I'm usually pretending to be a hick or a dumb bimbo "omg no way" etc

It's strange to think that we may have witnessed someone's most embarrassing moment and don't even remember, and yet we still think so much about our own, amirite?
@Favvkes Bled through my pants one day in eigth grade, and walked around like that all day without knowing. I looked in the...

I got my period when I was seven, it happened quite a bit to me at the beginning and I I will always remember how embarrassing it was, It was horrible. Bad times

Boob is an ugly word, but breast is too formal. amirite?

Boob is a cute word, would you rather Chesticles?

I am curious to know the average age of people on this site. If you are older than the current vote, vote it up. If you are younger, vote it down. This'll be a good experiment, amirite?

I'm sixteen and it's at sixteen..

You know what's scary? The little girl that plays Nattie in Mrs Doubtfire turns 24 this year, amirite?

Took me a moment, if you'd have said 'Matilda' I'd have gotten it sooner..

The Tenticles and The Noughties.

Imagine if Anne Frank had a blog instead of a diary: Currently listening to: Nazis pounding on the door. Current mood: concentrating. amirite?
"Hey, what's up. Nothing really, just chillin... haha got you leave a voicemail after the beep!" "FUUUUUUUUCKK YOUUUU", amirite?

my voicemail used to be "Hello? .... hello? HELLO?" as if I couldn't hear them aaaaand it bit me in the ass when college called. :|

There is no English accent, that's just the sound that is made when words are pronounced properly, amirite?

Why are most people talking about British accents instead of just english ones like it says in the post? Us Welsh'uns speak totally different, along witht the Scotts and the Irish people. But don't wory, I'm only saying this because I have nothing interesting to bring to this debate and feel left out.

You've fallen in love with a fictitious character from a book or movie before, even if only for a moment, amirite?
It would really benefit your facial acne, teenage girl, if you didn't pile copious amounts of makeup directly on top of it. amirite?

I agree but lately the girls who cake it on have amazing skin here, even when they take if off and my skin sucks. Ah this is confusing.

Umbridge should have died, amirite?
A birthday is the time of year you get automated birthday wishes via email from websites you forgot you ever signed up to, amirite?

I got an email saying "BON JOVI wishes you a happy birthday" I just about died from glee then realised it was automated. :(