It would be cool if people had names like "Fire Dance" and "Runs With Scissors" amirite?

Firepenguion Discopanda.

Although Lady Gaga is a talented musician, You Me At Six's version of Poker Face was much better, amirite?

I know all the words to that song because of You Me At Six :3

You hate it when a friend sleeps over at your house and tries to sleep on your side of the bed, amirite?

If my friend ever tried to pull that shit off, I'd push her and be like, 'BITCH THAT'S MY SIDE, DIRTY WHORE.' XD

If your toe had a titty on it, and your husband was a foot fetisher, and a booby fetisher; he would get double the pleasure. you wouldn't want him to look down your shirt, but since you have a titty on your toe he could peak down your sock, and you would be like, "HENRY! ARE YOU LOOKING DOWN MY SOCK AGAIN?!?!", amirite?

Whatever you're smoking, I want it.

It's pretty awesome how most songs are about sex, drugs or hot girls/guys then one artist/band makes a really popular song that's actually kinda deep. I.e. Katy Perry with firework. Amirite?

I hate that song -____- A better song is Lose Your Heart by Mayday Parade >.<

Alice in wonderland is the best movie ever. amirite?

I liked it because for once the girl isn't some emotional priss who needs a man and can't do anything for herself.

Never trust someone who bleeds for five to seven days in a row once a month and doesn't die because of it, amirite?

I'm guessing u got that off a shirt.

All eye colors are pretty in their own way, amirite?
You'd rather be with someone who likes you more than you like them, as opposed to the alternative, amirite?

I've been in that situation. He loved me so much but I would close myself up every time he talked about us romantically. It's a horrible feeling. I felt so bad! He didn't deserve me, he should have had someone better. :/

Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson are a much cuter couple then Edward Cullen and Bella Swan will ever be in their whole lifetime. amirite?
@well, percy and annabeth are half immortal. i agree that percy and annabeth kick twilight's a** like it's nobody's...

I think Logan Lerman was a good choice for Percy actually. But they could've made his eyes green with contacts (he wheres enough brown contacts in his other movies, what's the trouble with green?) And in the movie they made Annabeth look more like Athena then her dad but I didn't mean the movie. I mean the book, I just finished reading The Last Olympian for the second time and the ending always makes me smile and feel warm and fuzzy :)

In any series of three, the first one and the last one are the best, and the second is only half decent. amirite?

I loved the second Hunger Games...

It's interesting when you start to play a little game like capture the flag or musical chairs and then everyone gets really into it, amirite?

especially if it's capture the flag Percy Jackson style lol

Some people have names that just make them sound like jerks. amirite?
I hate when random passerby tell us to "Take it to the bedroom". Listen you unimaginative, twice-a-week motherfuckers, the park is my bedroom, the pool is my bedroom, YOUR bedroom is my bedroom if I damn well say it is! amirite?

O.o well okay then. It's not bad I laughed right?

It's interesting to think about how people on here might view you. Right now, someone could be thinking, "Hey, it's FlyingGuineaPig! She's pretty cool," and someone else could be thinking, "Damn, not another post from FlyingGuineaPig! I can't stand that self-absorbed bitch!," amirite?