You havent even spoken to a doctor yet about the facts of corona virus, amirite?

no I haven;t nore have I acted like an idiot and stock up on toilet paper or hide in my house, live your life folks, your not gonna get the virus and if you do stay home, youll get over it and LIVE

Cars are the #1 reason for heart disease, amirite?

actually spoons are

and got a brain dead zoomer and a milenial who is a selfish spoiled entitled brat, lol

Little kids have just hammered adults in a smaller form. amirite?
You can probably name a worst pandemic witn less panic, amirite?

the worst pandemic is fear

The Star Wars universe seems to be lacking when it comes to interspecies relationships, amirite?

please tell me this is a parody of the absolute idiocy of the left wings attack on media for not pushing their agendas

why is there so much retarded posts on here?

1/70,000 people will get covid-19, of that FAR LESS WILL DIE! covid-19 is not a pandemic, you are more likely to die from the flu, or stress. live your life as normal, amirite?
@Wunderscore I, as a young, relatively healthy person, will likely not die from this. The other young, relatively healthy people...

wash your hands keep your hands away from your face and don;t go sneezing on everything. if your immunocompromised its UP TO YOU to look after you. I will do my best to not contaminate everything and i will stay home if i have the flu. (like a normal human should ANYWAYS). but i will not demand closed borders, closed businesses and dictatorship style quarantines.

this is coming, if you don't take a stand for your God GIVEN HUMAN RIGHTS, amirite?
@Apple cider vinegar can short circuit the chip.

I was gonna research how to kill the chip, thanks

The deathtoll of humanity grows the longer it survives, amirite?

well not really percentage stays about the same, if its not one thing it will be another, always has been always will be, only difference is, more people on earth now then before so numbers seem scarier, but in reality its the same percentage wise

uh? 2+2=4, good job want a cookie for being able to do math?

If the coronavirus has a patent (US2006257852) does that mean it is manmade and they have known about this for years? amirite?

it was man made, 100% bio warfare

If you're in a fight, lick your knuckles to inflict poison damage. amirite?

who are you fighting? old elderly people? SHAME ON YOU.

There will be less pinching on St. Patrick's day this year. amirite?