About me.

Okay. New thingy. I suck at bios but whatever. I'm Anthony. For those of you who don't care, I'm half Japanese and Peruvian.I'm 14. I skate and play guitar. I'm pretty quiet. I usually sit back and observe everything around me. I like to have people set their goals for me pretty low, so when I exceed them, they are surprised. I don't sleep. I just chill really hard. I dunno why I'm here, but I like it :)
If life wasn't confusing, it wouldn't be fun.
Likes and dislikes? I have a lot :)
For starters: I like pasta(A lot), sarcasm, music, television, cameras even though I suck at taking pictures, shoes and food.
I dislike: Most people, flashing lights, the hot weather, Asian stereotypes, bongos, Nicholas Cage and paneling.
I am also scared of the dark. And heights. And the occasional cat. But. Never mind. Yeah. Latin hurts my brain. But I try. I have a horrible memory. I think...
I use an inhaler. Just 'cause I'm cool like that. I have been up and close with a llama before. Best 17 seconds before he spit on my shoes. Music is my life. I like girls. Can't deny it. People say that I am feminine. Kinda. But occasionally, the man comes out of me. I speak Spanish. And I love the culture. Maybe even more than my Asian culture. Maybe. Uhmm. I prefer people that have a lot in common. Looks are okay too. If you've read all of this. Add me, por favor?

I'll talk to anyone hahaa..about anything lol