everybody had a "TILF" back in highschool, amirite?

Mr. Sexton.
Hahaha. His name makes it that much better

You have been REALLY obsessed with something at one point in your life, to the point where it's almost all you can think about, amirite?
It's ok to be a gay Christian. amirite?

Where does it say that like the exact verse?

"Its easy to be Pro-Choice when you aren't the one being murdered!" Well....Its easy to be Pro-Life when you aren't the one pregnant. Amirite?

I personally would never think of having an abortion but, I also do not believe I have a right to tell someone else what they can or cannot do with their body. You can't say no you have to go through nine months and have this baby.
And all of you who say you are against it even in the case of rape obviously know NOTHING about the subject. After being raped having a constant reminder on you when all you want to do is forget would be terrible. And for all of you who call those women "selfish" for aborting a child of rape you honestly disgust me and make me lose faith in humanity.
Imagine if the worst thing of your life happened and you just wanted to forget and you don't even have the CHOICE to decide to abort the outcome of the rape. It would be terrible. You have to put yourself in the other persons shoes before you decide to judge. And all of you who are pro-life in the name of God. The Bible says that no one has the right to judge so try that for a change.

Glenn Beck isn't as crazy as people say. He sometimes does get a bit exuberant, but he gives facts. Granted, they're one-sided facts, but EVERY news channel does that. EVERY SINGLE ONE. You don't have to agree with him or like him, but he's not crazy, amirite?

No, I think he knows exactly what he is doing. He isn't crazy but crazy ass people watch him and take him very seriously. I don't even think he believes half of the things he says honestly. And you people ruined this. I thought there was going to be a good discussion about politics but you turned it into personal attacks on each other like people always do. Talk about facts. Not what you think you know about each other or why you are so awesome.

Even if you're not racist, you're more likely to date people that are the same race as you, amirite?

I'm white and mostly date white guys because the majority of my community is white but I'm most attracted to Indian guys.

Happy girls are the prettiest, amirite?

when I first saw it as pretty girls are the happiest and I was like thats rude to all us normal looking people. But then I reread it.

There's always that one food that your so addicted to that you swear the makers put some sort of drug into it. amirite?

Tim Hortons Iced Capps
Those addictive little mother fuckers.

Betty White is probably the coolest old person ever, amirite?
There's always that one girl in your class who wastes time asking stupid questions, and even the teacher looks like he wants to punch her in the face, amirite?

There was a girl in my government class that asked if Egypt was on a map.

It sucks when you grab a caprisun but the straw is missing, amirite?

I had to read caprisun like 45 times before i realized what it said.

If they postponed school till like 9 o'clock everyday everyone would be so much more awake and attendance would go up, amirite. amirite?

My school is from 7-3 its like hell

When you were little, you would sometimes scoot down the stairs on your butt, amirite?

If by little you mean 16 then yes, yes I do.

When you think about it, Amazon is like the online Costco, amirite?

You know what else is like online costco.

Playing amirite hangman is a pretty good way to find new posts, amirite?

Whoa just saw this on amirite hangman