There is not life on other planets, amirite?

People freak out at something as "crazy" as that. I don't see he problem, we do have people on the other continet why not on the other planet. There is nothing wrong with that, it's funny how people fear this unknown. Yeah, I read about Mars. Aslo, in my biology texts (university level) it says that it's possible there is life on other planets because the organic blocks that are byo have strains of chemicals that are not from this planet. Source: Campbell Reece, Bio 8th edition. So awesome!!!

Like Carfax, there should be a Bitchfax with the names of previous men and diseases. Then when you're trying to hook up with one, you say, "Hang on, let me see the Bitchfax first," amirite?
@shorkian First of all, I didn't say you'd been abused. At least not to my recollection. I'm running on caffeine right now...

my post was cut for some reason: but there are people who are smart and respectful. No hard feelings kid :) I should be more understanding, or I would be a fool for arguing with a teenager.

Why do some people wake up, brush their teeth, and then eat breakfast? amirite?

Because when you wake up you have a lot of germs that had formed during the night, that's why bad breath is the outcome. Also, I find it gross to eat like that. I brush my teeth after breakfast the second time, and if i don't have time just grab a gum. But always brush your teeth when you wake up to get rid of the acids.

In your opinion, if a man and a woman fight with their bare hands...a man would overpower her and beat her. Please take note, I'm posting this to see what the majority of people here will think. Don't start fighting over this. amirite?

That's a minority case, you only saw one. But it's not like that in most cases. You are generalizing based on a single case you saw. I'm not saying there aren't women out there who can do that. But they are very very little percentage.

While watching the first few seconds of Happy Tree Friends you thought, "Why the hell am I watching this baby show?!" And as you continued watching... Amirite?
You think it's funny when you mistake your phone as your computer mouse and move it around on the table, amirite?

Why are people trying to force others to accept that "fat is beautiful", it's not! I'm being honest. It doesn't look pleasant. I also hate it how people say that beautiful people on tv are fake, there are people in the world who are born beautiful and you will just have to deal with your jealousy issues. It's sad that size ten is considered to be average, no wonder so many people suffer from diabetes and heart diseases.

Libya is being bombed, New Zealand has been hit by earthquakes, but all people cared about was Justin Biebers new haircut, amirite?
@purpleturtle Keyboard warrior.

Just because I decide to take a 3 hour break, sip my coffee and indulge myself in surfing the web, doesn't mean I don't have a life. If I am one, then why are you here too?

People who say they don't like the Beatles just want attention, amirite?

Did you ever give a thought about different people having different preferences in music.

People with glasses always look smarter than people without them, amirite?

I guess it has some truth to it

its scary when you first start to drive and you go from a small car to a truck that is way bigger, amirite?

aha you should have seen how my mom drove the van!!

Why is it that when women are fat, they're considered strong and beautiful, and when men are fat, they're fat. amirite?

Ahahaha beautiful!! no way!

Like Carfax, there should be a Bitchfax with the names of previous men and diseases. Then when you're trying to hook up with one, you say, "Hang on, let me see the Bitchfax first," amirite?
@shorkian The bottom line is manwhorefax is stupid, you need to realize some jokes can only be used for one gender, and many...

Right you men have a lot of good things in hand to insult women, everything that is degrading can only be applied to women. How nice, this is not simply a joke this is how the majority of men joke about women. Just remember you are in this world because of a woman. I don't care about your stupid sperm, she is the one who physically keeps you alive. You should go and ask your mother if she has a "bitchfax" since you think it's okay to apply such "jokes" on women. You men don't need to tell me anything. Your opinion doesn't matter to me.

Science has an actual explanation to things,God is simply an explanation by word. It has been 2010 years and we haven't seen one sign of God (material).Science is the answer.Religion is simply a way to cope psychologicaly and to opresses people's minds in certain countries. Not just Islam but other religions too,the "rules" that guide what you can and can't do that were created THOUSANDS years ... amirite?
@RetardedKangaroo My comment was posted at 11 PM :]

Different people with different brains :)

It sucks when you don't have any friends in a class and there's a partner activity, amirite?

Just ask someone who seems nice if you can join them, not everyone is mean you know. If someone asked me I would say no problem :)