Marijuana should be legalized, and the goverment should tax the crap out of it.
People should be required to take a common sense and basic skills test that they have to pass before voting. They should also be required to go to a seminar explaining all the candidates, amendments, and whatever else they will vote on.
Abortion should be the womans choice, and it should only be done when absolutely necessary.
Anyone in the military should get paid more
Actors, sports stars, etc...shouldnt be as glorified, and they should be treated just like the rest of us. No double standards for people with fame,anf money.
People who intentianally plan out first degree murder should get death penalty. No exceptions.
Convicted animal abusers should get harsher punishments.
Anyone who wants to get married should be able to get married, as long as its consensual for both parties.
Dont let people get divorced so easily.
The list goes on, but I cant think of anything else right this minute.

If you think about it how could there not be a god? The only other theory is that the universe started as nothing and then exploded. There has to be some divine being who created all this. People who don't believe in anything just aren't using common sense. amirite?

I half-agreed with you until the last sentence. I am a devout Christian and I totally see what your saying, but everyone has a right to their own religion and belief system. You can't just say someone isn't "using common sense" because they don't agree with you. That, my dear, is being very close minded.

You get really excited when you spot a red cardinal, amirite?
You sometimes wonder where people get their usernames from, amirite?

I was really into the whole "Southern Belle" thing of the 1800's. I thought it was really cool how a Southern girl was supposed to dress perfect and act lady like all the time. I still think its kind of neat, but I'm not as in to it now. I'm also too lazy to change my username. I couldn't think of anything good anyways :p

It would suck ass if you had to write a summary for the license agreement in order to agree to it, amirite?

Shhhh...don't give them ideas.

People who have seen Final Destination 2: when you drive behind a logging truck, all you can think about is that one scene. Amirite?

I haven't even seen it, and this still freaks me out.

I swear I know a kid who will eventually bomb the school. Im kinda sorta friends with him, so I told him this theory, jokingly. He responded by telling me exactly how he would bomb the school, down to where he would plant the bombs. Needless to say, I am very cautious around him now.

You have nothing to watch since this Viacom/DirecTv thing started, amirite?

I never realized how much stuff I watched on MTV until now. Also, my sisters keep bugging me with crap on Cartoon Network now that they can't watch Nickelodeon. It really sucks.

Girls: piercings and tattoos are hot, amirite?

Image in content

Yeah, that's hot...

@SkylarOctavious I definitely dont agree with that. People change, and feelings change. You would rather be unhappy and miserable...

I understand that. Im just saying we should save marriage for those who are really in love, and know they can stick to the committment. Someone who is marrying for money , fame, or power obviously shouldnt. Making marriage harder to get out would deter golddiggers and such from getting married in the first place.

One of the worst feelings in the world is knowing your beloved pet is suffering and will die or have to be put down soon, and that there is absolutely nothing you can do about it, amirite?

You're right, it is like they're family. I'm sorry for your loss as well. I know it must have been hard.

People who plan things in front of you when you aren't invited are annoying...amirite?

I was in my Biology class when these two girls started planning a pool party. I didn't mind until they started picking people in the room to be invited. I was the only one that wasn't. It really made me mad.

It's not weird to have stuffed animals in your bed when you're a thirteen year old girl, amirite?

I'm 14 and I sleep with Nanuuk, my stuffed Timber Wolf every night. I even took him to Disney with me.

It's a weird moment when you realize a word isn't pronounced the way you always thought it was, amirite?

Facade, asylum,and prologue. I would say fuh-sade, ah-soo-lum, and prol-jew

Thinking of your future scares you sometimes, amirite?
@TheXIVthNobody 3 years and I'm off to college. There's a lot of pressure on me, since I have to start thinking about my studies...

@_Jojo_: I wouldn't doubt it either, actually.

@TheXIVthNobody: Eh, my parents have always been sticklers about me getting my crap together, and knowing where I want to be in the next few years. Planning that far ahead just seems normal to me.