We can all think of a singer with a voice that simply makes us melt, amirite?

Jason Mraz, Chris Martin, Paul McCartney <3

Girls: you've always dreamed of some guy putting his jacket across a puddle for you to walk on. amirite?
@Kayleigh lol Ringo

That's the first thing I thought of :D

A good start to finding an American's level of ignorance is by asking him what Martin Luther did and seeing if the person's response is that he was the one who had a dream, amirite?
@Saudi80 I have a better way of knowing. As soon as I know someone is American, I know that they are ignorant. I don't...

Well, you're the ignorant one if you believe a generalisation about millions of people.

Let's play a game to find out about the most liked users on amirite. All you have to do is to list your top 3 favourite users in the comments and from that we'll be able to find out which users are truely the most appreciated of all, amirite?

DanielJames, Simon, and Wobbuffet. And RIP Polarthebear

You've died in your dreams plenty of times, amirite?

I've died in a dream before, but the dream continued because I became a ghost or something.

Girls are only interested in guys with nunchuck skills. amirite?

Nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills...

Id rather laugh with sinners than cry with the saints cause the sinners are much more fun, amirite?

And we might be laughing a bit too loud, but that never hurt no one, I tell you, only the good die young

The item to the left of you would look cool on your head in public, amirite?

...a tree...

It's stupid how gay marriage is known as gay marriage and not just "Marriage". Just because you have lunch doesn't mean you have 'gay lunch'. Just because you park your car doesn't mean you 'gay parked', amirite?

It can also be called marriage equality.

It'd be interesting to see statistics of your life after you die. Like, what joke you found the funniest, how many times you smiled, how many times you laughed, how many times you lied, or how many people you loved, amirite?

or physical stuff like, how much food you've eaten, how much water you drank, etc