About me.

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Instagram: aneet98
WeHeartIt <3
Tumblr: http://get-crazyy-get-wiild.tumblr.com/

Im a girl =)
bday~~ May 28 :D
im mostly described as weird and crazy (which to me is a good thing)
i love making new friends :) so talk to meh! :3
And its reeeaaaalllyy easy to make me laugh :b
hit by a car? u know it !
My fav. video games: COD series -- Nazi Zombies
fav things to do: anything dangerous. also entering no trespass zones
i like to draw ~ graffiti x)
lol i like the smell of sharpies!
sports: golf and swimming, cross country
My fav. colors are black, red, blue, and grey (mostly navy blue)
and of course purple yellow purple yellow WooHoo GO LAKERS!!! (if u like the celtics dont talk to me) >:D


HaHa Id so Tap That ;)

Ten Thousand Fists.

Tony was really a softie.
Sid finally found himself.
Michelle and Jal were pillars of strength.
Cassie managed to save her life and not lose her magic.
Anwar began looking for himself.
Maxxie is on his way to star.dom.
And even in death, Chris will always be the life of the party.
Skins :)
(UK Version obviously - nothing could beat that)