It's kind of a scary/exciting/confusing moment when you think after you die, you're never going to come back to Earth again (like everything is done), amirite?

I tend to go more of the idea of reincarnation.
However, after this life I want to spend a long fucking time in the spirit realm/heaven relaxing. I need some spa time before I come back again.

Hate is hate whether it's in cyberspace or not and it's annoying when people think cyber bullying isn't real bullying, amirite?

The internet is just a new place for bullying to manifest. There's nothing new about cyberbullying except that it takes place over a computer instead of face-to-face.

Last night I was at the beach and a girl come overs to ask for a cigarette from my sister. We give her one and we start engaging in a conversation, no names are spoken. Randomly, in the middle of the conversation she gets up, says "I'll be right back!" and runs away.
Right after she left, I brought how she looked like her name should be Anna.
Anyway, she didn't come back, she went to the front of the beach. While we were leaving a while later we saw her and I screamed "Bye, Anna!" and waved happily.

I really, really hope Anna was her name. She would've been so confused.

How do you actually find someone that you know you'll want to kiss every day? Someone that you're both compatible with in humor, intelligence, morals, looks, and in bed? If I really think about it, I don't know if anyone out there could be my idea of a "perfect" man. I doubt I'm the only person feeling this way, amirite?

You first have to make yourself the "perfect" mate. By working on your issues, becoming who you are and growing as a person, then you attract someone of a like mind.

It's kind of funny how people are so naive to think that banning something or making something illegal will make it completely disappear, amirite?
You've self harmed before, amirite?

I had a huge problem with self harm. I used to cut up my thighs like 50 times every night. It got to the point where I felt I needed to hurt myself to feel anything at all.

I did it from ages 12-14. I was in a really bad home situation and saw no way out of it. I didn't even really mean to start but once after something happened and I was having a panic attack I ended up scratching my arm raw. After that, it was all downhill to the point of gashes.

I did get help though. Eventually, I knew I was so far deep in depression, cutting and wanting to die that I couldn't get out alone. I baker acted myself when I was 14 and it helped me tremendously. It got me out of my situation and that gave me a chance to get out of survival mode and learn about myself.

Now, I'm extremely stable and secure. I can actually help other people now!

Some little children are selfish, annoying little brats and need to sit in a time out chair for eternity, amirite?
@Caerwyn Normally I'd agree with you. I was just in a pissy mood because he threw a soccer ball at my girlfriends face.

Damn! That's crazy. I'm sorry, man. Every time I see an out of control child, shitty parents are never too far behind. (Or not there at all)

We cannot perceive the external world directly. We see it through a window, however distorted it may be. amirite?

YES. Perspective is everything

Some little children are selfish, annoying little brats and need to sit in a time out chair for eternity, amirite?

If they're CHILDREN, they need to be taught. Bratty behavior is the fault of the parents.

How the fuck did catdog poop, amirite

When I was six I was watching Catdog with my aunt. She started going on and onnn about what a weird show it was and asked me how I thought Catdog went to the bathroom. Momentarily puzzled, I looked over at the tv for a few minutes. I then looked back up at her, said "through each other's mouths" and continued watching without a care in the world.

I don't really have that "neutral" feeling. Usually, I feel happy. Even if it's just that little kernel of happiness it the pit of my stomach, I'm always more on one side of the spectrum than just stationary in the middle.

Everyone was really hot in 6th grade, amirite?

I was a real stunner, alright.

@ContinuityMistake You may be "verb savvy" but you need to work on your adjectives...

Oh, understood. But yeah, "sleepy" and "tired" are synonyms, so you saying yawning doesn't always means you're sleepy and that you could be tired doesn't make any sense because they mean the same thing.

You may be "verb savvy" but you need to work on your adjectives...

It's good when people recognize their faults and problems, but it's disappointing when they do nothing to better themselves or improve their shortcomings, amirite?
@ContinuityMistake So true. I used to have a friend who'd constantly talk about how "self-aware" she was in the holiest of ways, admit...

Yeah, it's really rough. I'm sorry. :(
Personally, i don't think there's anything wrong with promiscuity as long as everyone involved in mature, safe, respectful and responsible. However, if that's not the case and the people involved are being irresponsible and only using sex as a coping mechanism then I totally agree they shouldn't be sexually active. My friend slept with 16 people within the last year as a way to escape and it just made her feel depressed and used. She also got pregnant but had a miscarriage.
She's really just a general mess. I had to cut her out because every second I spent with her I could just feel energy draining out of my body. It was hard and I wish I could help her but I think it's just better to go our separate ways.
The good thing though is that you'll make better, more positive friends! There's always new opprotunities on the horizon. (: