We should be able to text during school and not get in trouble, amirite?

YEAH! We should also be able to play video games during school, talk on the phone during school, and leave class whenever we want, 'cause we don't go to school to learn or anything.

Don't tell me i don't know what love is. Juliet was 14 when she died for her love. amirite?

Juliet was actually 13 when she died for her "love". And she did not LOVE Romeo, she was infatuated by him. She did not know anything about Romeo besides the fact that he "loved" her and that he was a Montague. So, if you are comparing your so called "love" to Juliet's, then you are not in love, just ignorant.

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They say that it's funny to add "in bed". At the end of a fortune cookie. But it's even better to add it to the end of a sitcom. How I Met Your Mother...in bed. Friends...in bed. Two and a Half Men...in bed, amirite?

Everybody hates chris.... in bed.

How do you vote on an Amirite that's a question? amirite?

Well, it's a fairly complicated process, but I'll try to explain as best I can.1.Go to amirite.net. amirite.com is a pornographic site. Do not confuse.
2.Find a question post. These are fairly common here.
3. Using either the mouse or the mouse pad, hover the mouse over either the "no-way" button, or the "yeah you are" button, depending on what you thought of the post.
4. Click.
5.Viola! You have officially voted on a question post. I'm so glad I could help.

There's really no reason to hate Justin Bieber, amirite?
@FrankOcean Did you know Hitler personally?

Justin Bieber isn't murdering thousands of people.

If you're an atheist, do you still have to swear on the bible during court, amirite?

They swear on "A Brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawking.