A pig's sunburn will smell like bacon. amirite?
Silence and Quiet, amirite?
Society doesn't need lawyers as laws are man made, amirite?
@ChootinNPootin This doesn't make any sense

I am saying lawyers are BS jobs that exist because humans arbitrarily created laws

toothpicks are mini chopsticks, amirite?
@KilljoyX A toothbrush and a broom are basically the same to right, But like the toothpick and chopsticks Their jobs aren't...

brooms and toothbrushes are not nearly as similar as toothpicks and chopsticks( different materials for bristles, not placed in the same place, even size ratio of their bristles and whatevers on the brooms to the whole thing) and im not telling yall to eat ramen with toothpicks bro😭

It is easy to lie without lying with staistics, amirite?
@Jason_Grace13 Do you have the staistics to prove such a thing?

Yes you can say "1 in 10 people brushes his teeth" it sounds the same like "10% of people brushes his teeth" and that's the same, but you can say "1 in 20 people drive too fast and" it's different like "20% of people drive too fast" it is the same statics but it has a different message

Barbies are action figures, not dolls, amirite?

The wife and I were discussing how the action figure/doll distinction is pointlessly gendered BS most of the time.

Barbies, like other action figures, are hard plastic poseable mini adults, whereas dolls are near life-sized replicas of babies or toddlers, and often made of softer materials. Am I wrong?

Parents emotionally manipulative their children in the process of giving them the life they think they deserve. amirite?

I think breaking generational curses and habits isn't talked about enough and I think parents raise their children often using the same methods they were raised, implanting toxic cycles of growth into society. Unlearning toxic beliefs and filling those mental gaps with positive behavior and understanding is something the next generation is going to have their hands full with.

Forced gratuity is the same as stealing. amirite?
Silence and Quiet, amirite?
toothpicks are mini chopsticks, amirite?
@Thenaturelover No, no they're not.

how lol? two pieces of only wood roughly the same shape. only difference i see is size

No matter where you park your car, even in a practically empty parking lot, someone will park next to you. amirite?
@Shiny244 Just like toilets: no matter how many empty urinals there are, there's always that guy that "parks" next to you.

A friend of mine told me she went to the movies and she was the only one in the theater and a stranger just happened to sit right next to her. When she asked her why she chose that seat, she just said that she didn't want to sit alone.

The world is going to be a lot quieter when we primarily switch to EV's. amirite?
@Kionix Race car noises.mp3

Guarantee this will be a premium upgrade in Teslas in 10 years lol.

For a lot of drivers, the only things that can't fit in a compact car through their week to week life are their ego and insecurities. amirite?
@teknogreek I am 6'3 and love small cars. I own a Reanult Clio and drive very comfortably. Thing is, I do not need to feel...

I'm 6' and drive a Yaris, same feeling as you. I've always been told by people looking at me get in my car "Why is it always the tall guys in the small cars?" Which kinda tells it's tale that we don't compensate for something else.

When you insert a buttplug the wrong way, you have a worldplug, amirite?
@donna Nah it's still plugging your butt.

But seen from the inside of the butt, the plug is plugging the outside world

The existence of the common cold implies that there are uncommon, rare, epic, legendary and premium cold, amirite?
@Dairyqueenemployee So COVID is Epic or Legendary? It's only premium for the U.S.A. medical billing department.

I would say it's epic, ain't the best but alright in most conditions. Spanish Flu is a Legendary in my book