Miley Cyrus's chance of being assassinated by a Nirvana fan just skyrocketed, amirite?
It has been proven that there is no gene that decides your sexual orientation so technically, you weren't "Born this way", amirite?

There's no gene that determines that i like the color blue or that i like Italian food either! I don't think DNA decides what our preferences are. There may be no gay gene, but there isn't a blue gene or an Italian food gene. So shut up :)

People spend too much time on making amirite? picture posts, amirite?

OMG HOLY SHIT! I FEEL SO HONORED. THANKYOU THANKYOU. (I'll be signing autographs in the lobby)

Jessie J performing with Queen last night at the closing ceremonies was a DISGRACE, amirite?

Personally I find that Jessie J is amazing :) and her voice is breathtaking. Sit down and shut up :)

Americans: This presidential election year sucks. Romney sucks. Santorum sucks. Gingrich sucks. Paul sucks. Obama sucks. This whole election just SUCKS, amirite?


There is no good reason that my boyfriend has to hang out with his female friend alone without me. I mean there is no acceptable reason I can't come along if nothing is truly going on, amirite?

With an attitude such as yours, you better feel lucky he hasn't broken up with you first. No one, I mean NO ONE wants a controlling, high maintenance, untrusting, childish, clingy, melodramatic, bitchy, psyco-maniac type girlfriend. Which is exactly how you sound.

You wonder what songs they're going to rape with autotune next. "Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are-are-are-are-are-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re, dirty bit...", amirite?

Nicki Minaj already did this! (sort of)

You were surprised when you discovered that dubstep was founded in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates and not Dublin, Ireland. amirite?

I was surprised when I found out dubstep was founded.

We all know that in ten years, we're going to look back at Lady Gaga and say to ourselves, "what were we on?", amirite?

No! Because Lady Gaga is amazing she has many many devoted fans. I love her so much and I don't give a fuck what any one else things i fucking love her so back the fuck away shut the fuck up and calm the fuck down motherfuckers. Fuck haters.

It's kind of annoying when people get so angry over metaphors in pop songs. "You are the apple of my eye." "Do I fucking look like an apple?" No, that's sort of the point of a metaphor -- to compare two unlike things, amirite?

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag...

When you think of chips and salsa, you think torrilla chips, not potato chips, amirite?
Women who complain about the double standard of sleeping around have no right to ask for a guy who can "take care" of them because that's a bigger double standard.They wan guys do all the work, make all the money and come home to take care of your sorry ass,that's just not fair, amirite?

Finally! Some one gets it! You are my hero!

There is a certain skin color range where you can't tell if someone is a light skinned African American or a dark skinned Caucasian,amirite?

It seems to me that Leona Lewis has this skin color. I can't tell if she's white or black :/

Putting the prefix 'man' in front of words does not make them masculine, amirite?
@TheMaineDestinee Do you need a man-pon?

No it's ok, I have some in my man purse.

Real men do it her way, amirite?

...I think the way to find a real man is to find out if he was born with a penis. You're an ass hole.