It's wrong to assume that all big, buff, muscular guys are douchebags or jerks, amirite?

Not necessarily. I think it would be right to assume that a strange man quickly approaching me with a knife was about to attack me so I could run, dontchathink? ;)

If a male giraffe and a female elephant could reproduce, the resulting offspring should be called a gireleffant; and if the genders of the animals were reversed, the offspring should be called an eleraph, amirite?

No, it would be called a JENNARAFICORN

Sometimes you've had the urge to kiss a random stranger, amirite?

If by "random stranger" you mean the hot ass freakin stud behind the counter at my local cinnabon that Ive never had the guts to converse with, hell yes

Humans don't need meat or any animal products to survive. If anything, it increases one's chance of developing cancer, heart attacks, strokes, etc. Amirite?

I don't have a problem with vegetarians at all. it's their choice, and I don't argue with them about it. However, I will always continue to eat meat. Why? The simple fact is that we were made to eat both meat and plants, and I'm not one to shake my fist at mother nature. I'm not stopping anyone from being vegetarian/vegan, but it will never be my cup of tea.

The sooner we realize that the Universe doesn't care about us, that we are all equally unimportant, and that none of us are privileged in the eyes of any god, the closer we will come to respecting each and every human being, amirite?
@Jay_Wintermoot Why respect anyone in a possible world where everyone is equally unimportant? That would impute importance to...

By respect, I mean respect for human life and the feelings and needs of others. Respect can have different meanings, and I think we have a misunderstanding here. You may mean a respect for authority or people deemed in a superior position by society. This is a different kind of respect in which we humans grant others certain privileges or higher esteem because of certain things they've done. For example, I have more respect for Albert Einstein than Adolf Hitler. This kind of respect is both good and bad. On one hand we have to accept that there are some people who are wiser, more intelligent or more experienced than us, but at the same time many people have abused their authority or higher positions to disrespect or abuse others. This is where the philosophy of "we are all the same in the eyes of the universe" comes in.

Annoy a liberal: have a good job, make a good salary, and be happy, amirite?

Liberals believe in the American dream just as much as anyone else. We believe if you work hard you will be successful in life. I don't know about my fellow libs, but I don't want this country to turn into a socialist state where everyone is on the same level. That kind of system ultimately doesn't work. I think if you work hard you ought to be rewarded for it, and if you don't you'll face the consequences. But I also know the limits of the American dream, that we aren't as socially mobile as we claim to be, and that some people are disadvantaged and didn't choose to be that way. I believe there are minimum rights that all our citizens ought to have, such as equal access to healthcare and money for sustenance. I know that there are bums out there who take advantage of welfare and unemployment, but I also know that there are people who genuinely need it, and the bums who leech off the system have the choice to either remain in their hole of poverty or to use government programs to give themselves a boost out of it.

If we could ban guns, we would have world peace, just like all that peace we had before guns were invented, amirite?
@ExtantDodo I don't advocate the banning of guns, I don't know many who do. I advocate stricter regulations to keep guns out of...

By what? Carrying a pistol with me to the grocery store? School? My 8 year old brother's football games? See, I don't have to do that because I live in a town of mostly law abiding, sane, and decent citizens.

If we could ban guns, we would have world peace, just like all that peace we had before guns were invented, amirite?
@ExtantDodo I don't advocate the banning of guns, I don't know many who do. I advocate stricter regulations to keep guns out of...

I concede that you have many good points, Mike. I do think drugs are the biggest problem and like alcohol in the 1920s their prohibition has only increased violent crime. I also think the United States is unique among the developed countries because of its diversity and degree of social inequality, so restrictions on gun ownership may not work as well as they have in places like Australia or Japan. Ultimately I don't think any policy changes will be made for a long time in the US since the issue is in a deadlock, so arguing about it is futile.

Untangling headphones should become an Olympic sport, amirite?

OMG, yes, that actually works! Thanks so much!

There are anywhere between 100 and 500 BILLION galaxies in the observable universe. In EACH galaxy, there are billions or even trillions of stars. Orbiting many of those stars are planets, meaning there are millions or billions of planets in each galaxy. There is a good chance many of those planets are capable of harboring life. Add it all up, and how could extraterrestrial life not exist, amirite?
@Unicorns Isn't the probability of there being extraterrestrial life actually staggeringly high?

I think there is an abundance of highly intelligent, spacefaring life out there, but we may be spread too far apart to communicate with one another. Remember space is immensely vast. To make contact with another intelligent civilization we'd have to overcome the boundaries of space and time itself, which may or may not be possible. Really tickles your noggin.

If Thomas Jefferson were alive today, he'd be a member of the tea party, amirite?

The Tea Party is extremist and i don't know if TJ would have been able to tolerate that.

Girls: you don't get where the stereotype of girls not wanting sex as much as guys comes from. Sometimes you want a fucking a much as any stereotypical teenage boy does, amirite?

Men are actually horny by nature. To maximize reproductive success, most male animals have to impregnate as many females as they can. Meanwhile, the females have to be choosy about who they allow to impregnate them. This is where mating rituals come from. Females have to choose the males with the best genes, while the males will dump their semen anywhere. While we think of ourselves as civilized humans apart from the animal world, much of nature still resides in us, and this shows in mens' constant desire for sex.

Men and women are not supposed to be treated equally; they're two different species that are capable of completely different things each must have his own standards, expectations, duties and rights, amirite?

this was a "crap thought"

If we could ban guns, we would have world peace, just like all that peace we had before guns were invented, amirite?
@ExtantDodo I don't advocate the banning of guns, I don't know many who do. I advocate stricter regulations to keep guns out of...

I understand that a number of factors play into the homicide rate. The one thing that sounds unreasonable to me is that you somehow expect people to carry guns with them everywhere they go. Could the Columbine massacre have been prevented if all the students had guns on them? Do you really expect the average citizen to carry a gun with them everywhere they go? No. You would think we would have some trust that our fellow humans beings wouldn't try to murder us. Maybe a cashier or bank teller carrying a gun behind the counter to protect from a robbery is reasonable, but your claim that if everyone carried guns everyone would be safer is unreasonable. Sorry but I'm not about to lug a pistol with me to the supermarket (or movie theater if you know what I mean) because I tend to have faith in my fellow humans. I think ultimately guns at this point are too hard to control. They are already widely circulated and if banned we'll just end up with an illegal black market. We need to focus more on raising a morally sound generation that doesn't resort to violence, but that's pretty hard too.

A hot guy looks a lot hotter when he's holding a puppy or a baby, amirite?
@MIDNIGHTANGEL I wonder why, scientifically. Perhapse it shows that he is able to care for dependent things and would be a...

I think it definitely has a lot to do with the former, as well as revealing a softer side of a tough-looking exterior.