Britney Spears is better than Lady Gaga, amirite?

Whoever said no was most likely born in 2000+ or they just don't have a clue.

If you had a 10 dollar bill, and your friend had 10 ones, you would feel a whole lot less cool than the other person, amirite?

No id feel like my friend is a stripper

You look at your grandma and grandpa and hope to God they're not still having sex. amirite?

Its not that I dont want them to, I don't care if they do, I just can't shake the mental image

At least once you have had a lucid dream, amirite?

I know! I know every time I'm dreaming, and I have since I was little :/ Probably because I have a nightmare disorder so without it I might go ...more insane than I already am, haha.:)

Yo usher you coming tonight?
Can't I have to babysit Justin beiber... Again, amirite?

haha its fine

You occaisionally have these immense philosophical insights where you re-evaluate your entire believe system and opinions on things, and then just carry on with what you were doing before, amirite?

"believe system"? <- couldn't resist.

You know how awkward it would be to have braille shirts for blind people? "Oh, you're wearing an aeropostale today? What's this lump on your sh-- ... oh... oh, gosh. I'm sorry" amirite?

Guys I got it, Post of The Hoe

People on Facebook always post about how wonderful god is. But when I say something that is atheist (not mean, just atheist), I get a bunch of messages about how terribly offensive it was. It's a little hypocritical, amirite?

What did you say?

In teen mom they make the dads look like a horrible parent most of the time and the moms look like they are trying to do there best, why can't they just make everyone look like they are trying to their best, amirite?

Its definately not scripted, these girls were in a documentary in 16 and pregnant and now this is the followup show on 4 of the girls. They don't MAKE the dads or the moms look anyway. If you knew anything about the real world you would know that is usually how it ends up, the dad backs down and the mom steps up. The dad's in that show aren't made to look like A-holes, they just ARE.

What do you say when someone coughs? amirite?
Today I found out that Justin bieber says the word 'baby' 55 times in one song. I think this kid needs to expand his vocabulary a bit, amirite?

You...counted them? Hit the little back button on the top of your page and you will be returned to MLIA.

Go back to MLIA freakkk

If you think about it the United States is really an continuation of Rome, We use their government, their healthcare, their later religion, their education, and 70 % of our language is Latin, amirite?

AN continuation? Lol.

Starbuck's small coffee is a sad excuse for a size, amirite?
@Starbucks doesn't have a "small". They have a short (8 oz) or a tall (12 oz).

Yeah I know, it still doesn't make sense to me that one of their smallest is called a "tall" though ahaha

Dear 300lb woman, God bless you for being comfortable with your body....but maybe wearing a mini skirt so short not even Britney Spears would wear it, is not the way to go. amirite?

Comfortable or they just dont give a crap? hmm..