Meat lovers: You really don't understand vegetarians, amirite?
Your girlfriend does this really annoying thing where she doesnt exist, amirite?
@Mario I'll go cry now

She's in another castle

You hate it when you're trying to sell cabbages and some bald kid keeps ruining your stand, amirite?
@HUletthedogsout7 cabbage patch kids?

I thought that too... then i thought of Cailou

1911: "Ok, I just have to hand-wash every single cooking utensil and all the various dishes required to eat anything before I make the long walk to your farm." 2011: "Ughh I have to empty the goddamn dishwasher before I drive down the road to your house, FML", amirite?
Guys: You swear that sometimes girls are trolling you when they freak out over ridiculous things, or get angry with you because their own hypothetical situations, amirite?

You cheated on me in my dream!!!

Having a chat conversation with a human spellchecker would be anticlimactic. "When do you have spanish?" "spanish isn't a word, but I can suggest that you use Spanish instead," amirite?
Niel Armstrong went to outter space and only took 5 pictures. Most girls blow that out of the water when they visit the bathroom, amirite?
@Statefarm Maybe we should try putting mirrors on the moon.

They did put a mirror on the moon, that's how they know that the moon is moving away from the Earth

Technically, if you don't want to do something, you don't have to. The only thing we actually have to do in life is die, amirite?
September 23rd 2010, will forever be known as "the most productive day in history." All because of Facebook shutting down for 2 hours. amirite?

I went on Amirite instead

You wonder how many Fridays there will be before Rebecca Black isn't mentioned on this site, amirite?

its fried egg, fried egg, gettin down on fried egg

"Do you MIND" is the same as "Do you CARE". If you don't care, don't answer "do you mind?" with Yes sure! because that means you DO care. sheeesh, amirite?

I always answer yes

I'm always wrong, amirite?
Buttholes smell bad, amirite?
If a black SUV is tailing you, shit is about to go down, amirite?

It's really a pedo van in disguise

On Glee, you know the characters as Gay Boy, Mohawk Guy, Wheelchair Guy, etc. amirite?

Glee group