You feel pretty sophisticated when someone says something and you repeat it but with bigger and grander words. Such as, "Dude this weather is so cold I can't feel my fingers." to which you reply, "Yes, the atmospheric conditions are truely gelid, and as a denouement my appendages are benumbed," amirite?

Yeah obviously it's a bit of an exaggeration...

People that walk down the streets with their pants halfway down the legs that call themselves ghetto need to learn that theyre not cool, amirite?

Unless you have swag

The first rule of Amirite Club is you don't talk about Amirite Club, amirite?

You hit me in the ear!

Some people are so interesting you'd think they tore their entire life out of a book, but really we all have the potential to be that interesting, it's sad that some let this opertuinity go to waste when it's what they would have wanted, amirite?


If someone makes a joke that is based on a racial stereotype, it does not make them racist. If someone laughs at a rape joke, it doesn't make them a rapist. If you cry because someone made a joke that was offensive to you, it does not make you a hero or a moral crusader. Let people laugh at whatever they want to, you can't say you fully understand something if you can't see the humour in it. If you want to make the world a better place then fucking find something WORTH criticizing, amirite?
Refreshing the track-shipment page doesn't make your package arrive sooner,amirite?

It's better than running to the mail box every couple of minutes

@mchalla3 Can we just stop bagging on religion and just get along? I'm agnostic and I wonder why the peaceful atheists and...

Bottom line is that athiesm in a way is a religion too. To be agnostic would be to respect that. I urge you to read the book 'God dillusion'

You know something terrible has happened when you feel something fall onto your lap whilst eating a burger, amirite?
Ignoring the brain damage you would probably get, a laser toothbrush would be awesome. amirite?

I see. Moderately impressed then :)

A computer mouse has no resemblance to a real mouse. That makes life confusing, amirite?
@Mads Maybe you should get off your computer and ponder life outside.

I...I don't understand. What is this outside (did I say it right?) that you speak of?

It's fascinating to know that there are several countries who eats (Australia - kangaroo and emu) or used to eat (New Zealand, Maori's - People) their national emblem, amirite?

New Zealand's national emblem isn't the Maori...

Since Disney can't think of another idea for a movie, they are putting all the classics in 3D, amirite?

Corporate sellouts! Reminds me a bit of Gwen Steffani...

Due to the fact that Facebook has changed so subtly over the years, you can't actually remember how it was used to be set out and look, amirite?

It still is cool

@mchalla3 Can we just stop bagging on religion and just get along? I'm agnostic and I wonder why the peaceful atheists and...

It was more of a general comment for the post. But yeah I agree, I'm agnostic too. People just need to try understand that sometimes other people believe things that differ from their own beliefs. It isn't an act of aggression or resentment toward them, it's a mutual respect for a person who has the same level of belief in something. Generalization I know. Either way, religion starts wars when it should bring people together.