If can you be invisible at anytime at will and since light can't reach your eyes, what would you see, amirite?
@Hatchadi Darkness

But light would be reflecting off your eyes then

We have all just been given a sneak preview of how we are going to handle retirement. amirite?
By ignoring product's ads, u waste hundreds dollars companies spend on ads, amirite?

Yeah If course because they in your damn face every freaking 5 mins. People are sick of them, they deserve to lose money for being so damn annoying

Whoever is deciding the ratio of the size of a jar of salsa to the size of a bag of tortilla chips is way off. amirite?
@You'd have to buy two packages of hotdogs and three packages of buns for it to even out.

Well, yeah, I was interested in eating hotdogs for ten days in a row, wasn't it? Single guy here so it would make no sense to me to do that.

Bald people have invisible hair, amirite?
Pretty reasonable to conclude that children in Africa don't really care whether little Timmy didn't wanna eat his broccoli, amirite?
@Nlphbtsms True. Although by pushing kids to eat all their food is to teach them not to be wasteful and appreciate the...

While that is true, it also often forms habits of overeating just because one doesn't want to waste the food in front of them.

Guns are so dangerous even fake ones kill people, amirite?
@swiggybaby The prop person is also to blame since they get everything ready for the actors to use. It's not all Baldwin's fault.

it's not all his fault, but he could have prevented it with base level gun safety knowledge. I don't even own guns myself but I know this should never have happened, and Baldwin being the one who pulled the trigger holds most of the responsibility.

Someone will eventually run into a problem no one has the answer to, yet. amirite?

If feel like that's already happened countless times

Loofas are a tool, amirite?

If you like loofahs, use a loofah. You don't have to justify your naked rub-down fetish to us. Hell, you got a month to find it on onlyfans before it's gone!

Instead of getting acupuncture on your back, why not just lay on some pokey grass?... Naked... amirite?

Oh acupuncture is just grass?

Growing up as the youngest in the family is such a disadvantage when it comes to family arguments. You've been to school the least amount of years and your brain is the least developed. You're likely going to lose. amirite?

What if you are 70 and your siblings are all in their 90s with dementia?

Until you believe you are good enough, you will never be good enough. amirite?

But I'll never be good enough, it's a completely accurate assessment, why deny the truth?

Dogs love you more unconditionally than humans and yet we treat dogs less than humans. amirite?
@contextrip My dog is family.

But again, still less than family. Do you hold your dog higher on the hierarchy than your wife, children, parents, etc?

When we're told to sit up, we're already sitting down. amirite?
Baby Shark has more views than there are people on Earth, and it targets a demographic that can't chose what it watches. amirite?