Cemeteries are landfills for people. amirite?
There's probably a ton of "relatable" things a lot of people share but we don't know because we think that it's only unique to ourselves. amirite?

A year ago the people who wipe standing up didnt know that the other exist. And the opposite

The only two people who truly understand a relationship are the two people in the relationship, it is completely unique to the two individuals and their perspective. amirite?

A question for when the domestic abuse hotline doesn't understand your love.

Birthday sex is celebrating your parents having sex by having sex, amirite?
@Mihneacuzino Celebrate coming out of one, by going back into one

This is true for roughly half of the people who have sex

Your dog could've been a serial killer in a past life, amirite?

Even better! Now I love my dog even more!
(Just kidding. He got hit by a car in Xmas eve.)

If your in a ONS and your partner doesn't make any noise, that might be a sign they masturbate a lot since they'd try to be quiet about it, amirite?

The partner being the ONS? Why would they be masterbating? Surely they just had sex? And it's at night. Surely the being quiet is called sleep.

At what point does it become drinking, amirite?

It starts when the first but of water enters your mouth

Dating apps do not want you to find someone; they want you to stay single so that you keep paying for their service. amirite?
@Apartlavishness People pay?

People without self respect do.

People like me :,)

Die Hard wouldn't work as well being set on any other holiday, hence is a Christmas film. amirite?
People don't want you to just listen. They want you understand. amirite?
@Cheytuflya I don't get it.

This is the problem, u should get it

Dogs love you more unconditionally than humans and yet we treat dogs less than humans. amirite?
Laughter and orgasms feel better than anything else. amirite?

Dont know dude

I got some mushrooms that'll change your mind

If you're ever hungry, hit a fat person up for some food. amirite?

I have to say, as a "fat" person I don't really have much food at home... but lemme tell ya... if I'm at work and one of my coworkers is hungry I got all the goods in my lunch box to snack on until lunch, and I always offer it up... where I work you gotta have food for fuel or your body won't make it...

There are probably people who don't enjoy any kind of music. amirite?

I could see that, especially in those neurodiverigent, with sensory issues

A 17 year old boy dating a 15 year old girl isn't wrong, but an 18 year old dating a 15 year old is frowned upon. amirite?

17 and 15 is wrong in most places but just morally since we all know whats coming next